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why do you have to be 17 to donate blood

There are minimum and maximum ages for blood donation. Up until recently, the minimum age for whole blood donation in Australia was 16 years, however it's now 18 years. The policy change will not impact donors who need to have blood taken for their own treatment (therapeutic venesection). The maximum ages for blood donation depends on the kind of donation and if you have given blood before in Australia. See below. Donating whole blood New donor в You can start donating whole blood any time up until your 71st birthday. Existing donor в If you have previously given blood before in Australia and meet eligiblity criteria, you can continue donating whole blood up to your 81st birthday.

Donating plasma. You can donate plasma if you are aged between 18-70 years and meet other eligibility criteria. Donating platelets. Existing male whole blood donors aged between 18-70 years and meet other eligibility criteria. If youвre already a plasma and/or platelet donor in Australia and continue to meet eligiblity criteria, you can donate right up until your 81st birthday.
Most people can.

You can give blood if you: weigh between 7 stone 12 lbs and 25 stone, or 50kg and 160kg How often can I give blood? Men can give blood every 12 weeks and women can give blood every 16 weeks. PFind out more about. You can check some of the we receive from blood donors. If you have a health condition, have travelled out of the country recently, or if you answer "yes" to any question on your Donor Health Check questionnaire, please call 0300 123 23 23 or check the PorP Pfor further advice about whether this affects you donating blood.

You can. after receiving blood, blood products or organs. If you have any questions then contact us by or call us on 0300 123 23 23. If you are a woman under 20 and you weigh under 10st 3lb or 65kg or are under 5' 6" or 168cm tall you will need to estimate your blood volumePto see if you can give blood. If your weight lies between two of the values shown, please use the nearest lower weight. We must make sure it is safe for people to give blood and for patients to receive donated blood. Blood safety information is below

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