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why do you put rocks in the sink

One of the more recent trends in making yourself classy is by putting rocks in your sink. Since the first picture of the spa that did it hit the internet, putting rocks in your sink has been a great way to class up what is otherwise a very boring area of the house. Also, it s super cheap! The first thing you need to do to class up your sink is by finding rocks. The original rocks in a sink picture used small rocks, and most people I have seen do it use the small decorative rocks that you can buy from Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels, or The Dollar Store (depending on cheapness). However, when my girlfriend and I did ours, we grabbed some rocks from our trip to Duluth, to remind us of our trip every time we were in the bathroom. Girls lovePcommemorativePjunk like that. One thing you will need to remember, no matter what size rocks you are using, is that your sink will still get dirty. Actually, it will get extra dirty. It won t look dirty, as the rocks neatly curve to hid all the dirt and filth you wash into the sink. But because the rocks put up a wall for the water, a lot of buildup can happen.

There are two ways around this. You can either take the rocks out of the sink about once a month and clean under there (easy if you have big rocks, more difficult if you have small ones). Otherwise, you can move the rocks around in the sink about 2 times a week. PNothing drastic, just a small move to avoid buildup happening in the exact same place. One thing to remember, though, is that girls are very picky. If they set something up one way, a lot of times, that is THE ONLY correct way to do it. Be careful when rearranging to avoid fights and potential sleeping on the couch (sleeping on a couch is never classy). Another thing that can spruce up a bathroom is a basket. Found at most thrift stores, it will hold your towels, rags, and various lotions and scrubs you may have. Also, it looks nice, and make your counter and sink area less cluttered. Also, note that we grabbed a medium sized flat rock to put the soap on. It s a small touch that separates you from all those other classy sink-rock havers.

They may be classy, but they will come over, see you bonus rock, and know their classiness has been topped by your superiority. So there you have it, a simple guide to making your bathroom counter look nice. Grab some rocks and throw them in you sink, head over to your local thrift store and find a nice medium sized basket, and throw all the crap your significant other bought at Target on discount in there. Voila! Now WC can stand for way classy.
Good grief, if someone has nothing better to do than scrub rocks with vinegar once a day, they likely need something else to do with their life! :-) Personally, I think this particular trend is completely insane and was probably thought up by people who have someone else to clean for them. LOL We chucked our rock-filled indoor fountain because the rocks in it got slimy and nasty, even with coughing up for distilled water for it (ah, the foolishness of having the higher income. ) and putting tea tree oil (can't stand bleach and vinegar both trashed the copper basin and made the apartment smell like a Massengill douche all the time) in the water, and cleaning all those little rocks every week just wasn't that high on our priority list.

We'd rather fool around or something. *wink wink nudge nudge* Now that said, one of the cooler sinks I saw in some magazine or another (or maybe one of those silly home shows) was a clear resin sink with pebbles molded into it. The surface was ground off flat so that the surface of the pebbles was exposed but the resin filled in the spaces in between the rocks so crud wouldn't collect. Not my personal style but in a modern-style bathroom it would have looked snazzy. Of course I can find the pebble toilet seat, but I can't find the sink. On the subject of toilet seats, I cracked up when I saw the and just had to share it with the other ladies on the forum. thankfully DH and my exes have all had excellent aim but from what y'all report there are some very nasty males out there! Maybe those of you who are toilet-training males should find one of these. :-)

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