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idealism is easier said than accomplished. evrything go upside down when reality strikes. the other day i was travelling. (do you have a solid sol'n for this dilemma? ). when it comes to implementation/real life our grey cells get short-circuited in grey areas of ethics. i fear if i could hold my stand when my batchmate would be getting all-round success just with a killer mix of hypocracy,sycophancy and merit and i woul be kicked around to meaninngless posts
i am sure the bright minds here know this all but when they talk in black and white There is nothing as perfect idealism but a consistent focused struggle to reach it. idealism goes upside down for those who are not the followers rather they just like to use the big words. but those who actually follow or intend to do so and falter, they do tend to make amends fantasizing stems from appreciation if you could just have appreciated her beauty and let it be instead f desiring it, your dilemma wouldn't be there the satisfaction you derive from not being like your batch-mate, every success that you get you'll own it and wont be a gifted one under the thumb of someone else; you can b proud and more confident as far as promotions are concerned. , do your work and yes keep your friends close -- in society and in promotions their is favor but if you get this favor on basis of your merit that's the best and in any agency there'll be these two camps the favoritism of merit and otherwise, it depends which one you choose to create and follow. i would draw a distinction between the temptation to take a bribe and actually taking a bribe.

The first may also be morally wrong according to some people's conception of morality but I don't think anyone is expecting you to be a Gandhi or Gautam Buddha here. As long as your actions are according to the law and the constitution i think you are pretty much fine. But i think the solution to that is healthy and democratic debate on ethics and morality drawn from philosophical reasoning and not an abject surrender just because the answers are not clear. Obviously some areas will continue to remain grey areas. We can't do anything about that. Philosophy also evolves with time and we are likely to question (in fact i would say we should question) our own morals and ethics over time. i believe temptations are considerations that come to your mind but the real question is what do you decide to do with it? how do you react to it? Gandhi and Gautama Buddha had their own set of limitations and struggle ; they weren't perfect either. they worked towards it and reading them actually tells you how to deal with our own dilemmas too. not an abject surrender just because the answers are not clear Just my reflections.

Cheers How does this work? You sign up on our website we understand your profiles and requirements. We may also have a brief telephonic call where required. You can choose a suitable package and make the requisite payment. With the help of our proprietary matching algorithm and curated review, we select the most suitable mentor(s) from our panel. The session is scheduled as per mutual convenience. The session happens over Phone / Video Call. Will you help me choose a mentor? I am not sure whom to choose. Yes our Career Mentorship Officers will help you choose a suitable mentor. We can connect over phone at your convenience to understand your preferences and schedule the session. Can I connect to a Mentor on phone / video? Absolutely most of our mentoring sessions happen over phone / video, making it convenient for both you and the mentor. In case the mentor is in the same city, we can arrange for a face-to-face interaction if you have a strong preference for that. Will you share my contact details with the mentor? To maintain privacy, we do not share your contact details with the mentor or vice versa. You will receive an incoming phone call at the scheduled time / link to a video chat, without disclosing your phone number to the mentor.

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