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why do you want to become an accountant

Why did you choose this career? , Why accounting? , Why do you want to become an accountant? You can expect one of these questions at the
start of your interview. We will help you understand why the interviewers ask the questions, what you should focus on when answering it, and we will show you a few good answers. Focus on the present, and on the future A job of an accountant is a routine job. It can become boring, especially if you have an entry level accounting position, and take care of a limited number of tasks every day. The interviewers try to understand your passion for accounting (if it exists a all), and the things that motivate you to pursue career in this field. You should not refer to the past in your answer.

Speak about the future, your preferences for this role, what you expect from your life, and about the value you can bring to the company, working as an accountant. * ( Check the to see great answers to all 20 most common interview questions for accountants. б Sample answers : I love to do this job, recording transactions, analyzing them, and looking for legal ways of cutting tax expense. I find the filed fascinating, and that is the main reason why I have chosen career in accounting. My goal is to become a financial manager in five years time. But I need to understand the cash flow in the company, and how things relate to each other, to have a chance to be a financial manager one day.

I believe that the position of an (entry level) accountant is a perfect start on this journey. Every one has some skills and is good in doing something. I am good in accounting. People enjoy doing things they do well. Remember: You should know why you want to become an accountant. If you did not know the answer, the HR managers would hardly find the reasons to hire you. Refer to your skills, abilities, career plans, and love for the job of an accountant. б Next questions: 1. See the world: Work around the world in any of the 181 countries ACCA is recognised in. 2. Become a sought after professional: Accounting is an in demand profession; it is the third most sought after profession; with accountants ranking at the top of the list with other professionals such as Lawyers. 3.

Provide direct value: You can drive organisational results through analysing numbers. 4. Be highly employable: Employment rates for accountants are stable even during difficult economic conditions. 5. Have job security: According to Info Corner accounting is one of the top ten safest jobs. Everyone needs accountants! 6. Enjoy your work: An Accountemps survey shows that 7 out of 10 accountants would stick with their job if they could go back in time and choose a different career. 7. Get paid well: Accounting can be financially rewarding. According to Payscale, the average salary for an entry level accountant in the UK is бе24,792, and бе29,014 in London. 8.

Improve your thinking skills: Accounting is academically and mentally rewarding. A survey by Robert Half reveals that 41% of accountants love their jobs because it allows them to solve problems. 9. Have options: Accountants are required in all sectors from the corporate sector to the financial sector and many industries from fashion to education. 10. Choose from various roles: When you become a qualified accountant you can do everything from managing a companyБs expenses to solely doing taxes. Examples of roles you can start with are Accounts Assistant, Junior Financial Analyst, Junior Accountant, and Audit Associate.

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