why do you want to become a special constable

Why not volunteer as a special constable and support the work of your police force in the community? The special constabulary is a force of trained volunteers who work with and support their local police. 'Specials', as special constables are known, come from all walks of life - they are teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and secretaries, or any number of other careers - and they all volunteer a minimum of four hours a week to their local police force, forming a vital link between the regular (full-time) police and the local community. Once they have completed their training, they have the same powers as regular officers and wear a similar uniform.

What's in it for you? Joining the specials opens up a world of opportunity for personal and professional advancement. Undergoing the training and then going out on patrol makes a welcome break from day-to-day life, bringing excitement and challenge with every day you volunteer. People join the specials for many different reasons. You may want:
to have a second chance if you've unsuccessfully applied for a job as a regular officer. Becoming a special will help you see life differently. You'll discover a lot you did not know about yourself and you'll learn just how much you are really capable of.

You will: learn more about your community. You will be working as one of a team and the experiences you share in working closely together can lead to lasting friendships. You will learn more about life and human nature than most people will ever see. Once you have successfully completed step 2, you will be required to complete an assessment and selection day. Some forces, more notably the Metropolitan Police, will do this over a 2-day period, with the two days being separated out over a short period of time. As previously mentioned, the selection process for becoming a Police Special can vary from force to force.

However, here are some details about the types of assessment you may be required to undertake: Interview. Fitness Test. If you are successful at the fitness test stage, you will be offered a position on the next Special ConstableБs course, subject to satisfactory references and security checks. Being a Police Special Constable in the UK is a very big challenge that not many are up to; however, if you have the right temperament, the right communication skills and the resilience to work effectively under pressure, then this job might just be for you! In order to help you pass the selection process we have created a 200+ page guide that covers every element of selection.

Sample test and interview questions for you to use during your preparation. Many UK Police Forces are now requiring you to join them as a Special Constables before they will consider you for the role of a full-time Police Officer. Because of this fact the selection process is getting tougher and it is important you are fully prepared and focused when you apply for this important role. Before we tell you more about the guide and how it will help you, let us give you a sample test question and tips on how to approach it.

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