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why do you go to the gym

What does the gym mean to you? To some people its simply a place to workout. They go there, do their thing and leave. No questions asked. To me its become more then this. The gym is my journal. I may not write things down but I recap everything that's happened that day or maybe the previous. This is what I think about in between my sets. When looking back no matter what emotion you may have experienced that day, you can always channel it to fuel your next set. When you do this you often find the same question you ask yourself over and over again. What are you doing here and why? I think its important to ask this because believe it or not your answer may change more frequent then you think. It's quite silly to work towards something when you don't know what you want to accomplish. Once you figure this out then the inevitable happens. You look at what weight ur about to use and you can't help but ask urself how bad do you want to accomplish it? I like the fact you can ask a question and measure its answer right there. When you see your face red and your veins pop out. that is my answer.

At one point in everyone's life the gym was a hassle. Whether it was time restraints or a motivation problem you saw the gym as a chore. It really shouldn't be this way. I'm passed that point and I look forward to going at the soonest possible time each day. None of the negative things in life can effect you in the gym. When you enter the gym you leave all those feelings at the door. If they do arise, like I said, you can utilize them to fuel your desires. The next hour or 2 is your time to escape reality and focus on something you love. It feels great to vent the stresses of life. It feels even better knowing you'll have the oppurtunity to do so. This is what the gym has become for me. I don't go to the gym with anyone but I consider myself as my partner. I think to myself and as a result create my own motivation. Recently when I was thinking to myself I asked myself what am I doing here. I finished my workout and on the way home I put a lot of thought into it. That's why I wrote this. I think its important to discover what the gym means to YOU. You would be amazed how much more it means to you then you think.

So what does it mean for you?
Why do you go to the gym? Or, if you avoid the place like the plague, whatвs your reason for this? I was pondering this issue today, sometime around 7am as I lay flat on my back with my legs cycling in a dull but necessary ab exercise. I reckon there are a few main reasons that motivate most people to go to the gym. Then of course, thereвd be people who go for reasons unique to them. Rather like the guy I saw out running once, when I was on a long walk with friends. We saw him three times in the space of about five hours and each time he was loping along at quite a pace. On the third meeting, my friend asked him what he was training for. The answer? Nothing. Iвm just filling the day. I love that guy. What a fantastic reason for running for five hours, in a heavy cotton t-shirt and board shorts no less. I imagine most people go to the gym for a combination of reasons. I certainly do. At the moment, Iвm trying to fix my back issues, so am spending a lot of time getting acquainted with the gym mat, improving my core strength.

But Iвve also been an endorphin junkie for some time в too long without a fix and I get grumpy and unmotivated. В So I guess thatвs the fun bit covered. Endorphin highs are a great way to start a day. And itвs no secret that I enjoy being fit and am trying to stay that way. Sport specific training also motivates me to do things that I donвt find particularly fun, like weights training. Losing or maintaining a certain weight/size, while certainly a factor, is more of a secondary reason. If I was told I could go to the gym but it wouldnвt impact on my size at all, I think Iвd still go. As for the reasons not to go, I can only come with a short list. There are probably more, but Iвm better at thinking of reasons to go, rather than to not. But enough about me. How about yourself? Why do you go to the gym? And if you donвt, why not? Is it just that you donвt enjoy it, or do other factors influence your decision? В Join on Facebook. В If you like this blog, vote for it in the NetGuide People's Choice Web Awards! for it as Best Blog. Voting closes on July 30.

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