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why is my computer shutting down by itself

On the Power Options control panel you can also create a second power plan configured this way. In Windows 10, three plans are available: - Balanced (sleeps in 30 minutes), - High performance (Never sleep). Two are always visible, but the third one is often hidden. The third one can be made visible by clicking "Show additional plans". To prevent your PC from sleeping or shutting down, just select the "High performance" plan. - Click on "Change advanced power settings ".

Look for "Sleep" "Hibernate after" set to "Never" - Click on "Apply" and "ok". What was the state of the computer when you noticed the high CPU, SSD and network activity (how many programs were running)? If those are abnormally high when the PC has few or no programs running, that does point to either hidden processes (possible malware) or Windows processes or services running amok.

I'd run some scans to be safe (try Malwarebytes anti-malware as a good place to start). High background activity could cause sluggish behavior though it shouldn't cause that sort of abrupt shutdown. When I mentioned the possibility of motherboard problems, that was just as the next place to look in case there are still issues with a new PSU as opposed to a place to look immediately.

There's something going on there since not all RAM slots are good which suggests the possibility whatever caused that issue also did further damage (leading to shutdowns). As I said though that's just a thought to keep in mind until we see what happens when a new PSU is tried.

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