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why is pikachu always out of his pokeball

Well, the two things we know for sure is that Ash must still have Pikachu's Pokeball, and that it must still be intact. How do I know this? Simple:
1: When Ash caught Krabby, it got transported to Oak's. This happened because Ash had six Pokemon on his team, Pikachu obviously included. Now, since in normal circumstances, Pokemon stay in their Pokeballs, there must be a mechanism in the Pokeballs that count how many Pokeballs the trainer has that are registered to a captured Pokemon, and also teleports a Pokeball to where the trainer got their Pokedex if the number exceeds six. If Krabby's ball was teleported to Oak's, Ash must have had six used Pokeballs on his person, one of which being Pikachu's. Since then, Ash had never had more than six Pokemon on his team (Larvitar technically wasn't captured), and whenever Ash had a full team and wanted Oak to give him one of his Pokemon, Oak insisted that Ash transport one of his Pokemon.

Therefore, Pikachu must be registered to a Pokeball that has since remained on Ash's person. 2: Recall, if you will, the start of Dawn's journey. She attempted to capture Pikachu, but Pikachu couldn't enter the ball. The reason for this being, it's already registered to a Pokeball. A perfectly intact Pokeball. As a recent episode showed us (at the expense of losing Dustox), A Pokemon is released if their Pokeball is smashed. So we know that Pikachu's Pokeball is perfectly intact, or Dawn might've captured Pikachu.

Pikachu, have you always known how to speak English? A new animated "PokГmon" movie shows Pikachu speak in English to his trainer Ash. Video of fans in a theater show them shocked and confused since Pikachu has never spoken in any PokГmon movie, show, or video game. It seems to go against canon. Spoiler warning: For those freaking out, Ash was probably hallucinating after a giant blast. There's a new animated "PokГmon" movie out and it may drastically change the way you see Pikachu forever. "PokГmon the Movie: I Choose You! " is nostalgic for anyone who grew up with the original '90s cartoon series. It's essentially a retelling of some of the show's first season but with newer PokГmon and updated sidekicks for Ash Ketchum sorry.

While it was released in Japan in July, the film, and there's one scene with Ash and Pikachu that has fans of the original series rattled. As, toward the end of the film Ash saves Pikachu from an attack. The two are curled up with Ash holding Pikachu and Ash asks his pal to get in his PokГ Ball. Famously anti-PokГ Ball, Pikachu refuses to listen to his trainer. Ash then asks the PokГmon why he hates getting inside the ball and to everyone's surprise, Pikachu actually responds. In English. You can watch the scene below with a crowd of people reacting in shock. It's seriously weird. Warning: There is some NFSW language in the video below.

Pikachu never speaks in any PokГmon shows, movies, or video games. He just responds with a short "Pika" or "Pika Pikachu. " This opened up a world of questions. Do other PokГmon talk? Why has Pikachu never spoken until now? Is this even real or was Ash hallucinating since he was just in a massive explosion? (Fans. ) Either way, people were immediately thrown off. Once you get past the shock of Pikachu speaking, the reason Pikachu gives Ash for not wanting to get in his PokГ Ball is pretty heartbreaking. He says, "It's because I always want to be with you. " OK. We're seriously weirded out, but hold on while we go grab some tissues, too. Sign up to get INSIDER's favorite stories straight to your inbox.

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