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Many people get into the business of fitness because they already have a passion for working out. Being a personal trainer gives you easy access to workout facilities and the ability to still focus on your own fitness goals, essentially making the gym your office. But why else should you choose to become a personal trainer? Deciding on a career path can be a challenging thing to do since you have to consider what you are interested in and have a strong passion for. You also have to look at the longer term benefits of the profession and if itвs right for you. To help you decide weвve put together the top 5 reasons for becoming aВ
В (CPT). Personal training is about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Most individuals seeking the guidance of a personal trainer want to improve their general fitness, reduce pain, improve their athletic performance or lose weight. With 70% of the U. S. population considered to be overweight or obese, the need for personal training services is more important than ever! There are obvious health risks associated with being overweight, butВ there is also the aspect of people lacking confidence and feeling apprehensive about their body. Whatever the reasons, people are in need of help and motivation when it comes to safely and effectively incorporating exercise into their regular routine. When they look for help, they will turn to a fitness professional who has a passion for sharing knowledge and changing peopleвs lives! The continued rise of people who are overweight or obese has driven the weight loss industry to reach an astounding $2 billion dollars. Fueled by the need for healthier living, the personal training industry is expected to continue to grow by more than 16% between 2015 and 2020.

Fitness professionals who can help clients reduce their weight and reach their goals safely and efficiently are currently and will continue to be in high demand. With the growing industry comes growing pay for the professionals within that industry. Fitness professionals have witnessed their mean incomes grow 26% from 2010-2014. With the demand for personal trainers continuing to increase, you can expect incomes toВ rise as well. Professionals who have a personal trainer certification from NASM earn, on average, $40,784 annually, putting them 12% above the industry median. 5,6 This shows that while the industry continues to expand and the outlook remains high for all fitness professionals, it is important to seek education and certification from the right organization! A career as a CPT can open many opportunities, including the opportunity to work independently. Schedules can be flexible as you work with your client base to determine training times and availability. You can be your own boss as an independent trainer, guiding your own schedule and business. The industry is also open to entrepreneurs who have the drive and ambition to. NASM provides aВ strong knowledge base, paving the way for self-starters, as a recent survey showed that 38% of NASM-CPTs are self-employed. Donвt forget, with any path you choose, you will be able to call the gym your office! Many people want to become a fitness expert. As a successful fitness professional, you can become the go-to individual for a communityвs health and fitness needs, ranging from the local gym to the media. Through strong business development and a commitment to success you can even grow to become a national expert as well. Continuing education and a dedication to the industry will give you the knowledge necessary to implement the latest exercise techniques and gain insight into the current exercise science and research being published.

NASMвs commitment to your will help you become the fitness expert you aspire to be! There are many reasons to become a personal trainer. The most important is a passion for fitness with a focus of helping people. The first step to your new and rewarding career is to begin your educational journey. By growing your knowledge, you will be on the path to developing the skills necessary to guarantee success in your career. To learn more about this rewarding career and becoming an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, today. 1) The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Oct 2012. Retrieved 6/17/2016 2) IBISWorld Weight Loss Services Market Research Report, Feb 2015 Retrieved 6/17/2016 3) IBISWorld Personal Trainers in the US, Feb 2015 5) NASM trainer and specialization income data source is 2016 survey of personal trainers. Industry median income data source is Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 wage data retrieved from http://www. onetonline. org/link/summary/39-9031. 00 on 11/9/2016. 6) NASM 2016 survey of personal trainers working full-time. 7) NASM 2016 survey of personal trainers. YouБve spent hours poring over job specs; youБve looked at graduate roles; you donБt know what you want to do but you know for certain that you donБt want to be sat behind a desk pushing papers for the rest of your life. Perhaps, you already are wondering how the hell you got there? If this sounds like you, perhaps itБs time to reassess. б Ask yourself, do you like working with people? Do you like the gym environment? Do you like the world of health and fitness? Do you like being on your feet, teaching, training, coaching, communicating?

If the answer is yes, then perhaps itБs time to get the trainers on and consider a career as a personal trainer. б б Now is a fantastic time to be taking those first steps. The is booming and the growth of 2017 is set to continue well. With the total market value estimated at around бе4. 7 billion and with over a 5. 1% rise in gym memberships (that equates to 1 in every 7 people in the UK being a gym member), there are plenty of potential clients for personal trainers to be working with. If youБre still uncertain, have a look at some other reasons why a career as a could be your future. Do something you love If you spend your spare time training, love sport, love exercise and are ready to hand out tips to random strangers in the gym, then clearly you need to think about training to become a PT. You get to do what you love doing every day and you get paid to do it. What could be better than that? Turning your passion into your career will make work less like work and more like fun. Chance to make positive changes in peopleБs lives What can be more rewarding than helping others create and then achieve goals? As a PT you have the chance to change lives by helping people achieve a happier and healthier existence. You provide the, guidance and support to help clients transform their lives. б The reward? Being there every step of the way, watching, encouraging and helping clients achieve those physical and mental changes. Challenging and diverse - daily No two days need ever be the same. Yes, lots of the movements you might teach will be the same, but the people you train wonБt be. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. Not only will the people you train be different, but so will the motivations they each have for training; rehab, prehab, transformation challenges, sports-specific training, lifesaving changes.

Each client will have unique needs and youБll have to come up with approaches to meet them. PTs are in demand HereБs a straightforward one for you - PTs are in demand. As a nation, we Бre now much more in tune with what a healthy lifestyle is and isnБt. WeБre also much more conscious of making the right choices as well as being prepared to spend money making those choices. б PTs help individuals maximise their training, help get results and help to make positive changes in peopleБs lives. Those changes are what people value and thatБs why as a PT you could be busy, busy, busy doing what you love doing. Financial reward Do it right and you could earn an extremely good income as a PT. As more individuals are becoming aware of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, demand for personal training has grown. Getting yourself onto the best course, getting hired by a gym, or taking the freelance route can put you in a great position to take on clients and enjoy a very attractive income. The more you put in, the more you could be earning. б The only thing holding back your earning potential is you. Build a regular and solid client base, get plenty of experience under your belt and you could be on your way to financial gain. Switching careers, or taking your first step into the working world might be daunting for you, but the resources are there to help you get the necessary foundation training, as is the support for ongoing and continued learning. If you love the world of health and fitness, if you like working with people, and you like diversity, a career as a PT may well be right for you.

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