why do you choose banking as your career

what is the accounting treatemnt for issuing material to a
subcontractor on recovery basis? OBJECTIVES OF ACCOUNTING? , What is Merger? I AM APPLY FOR CLERICAL CADRE IN SBI. SO ANYONE SEND ME QUESTION WITH ANSWERS, WHICH ARE RELATED TO THAT JOB. MY EMAIL ID IS shawetasingh24@gmail. com how to do finalisation account,pls tell me step by step? can you give a answer of below question bco z I think I will confuse u or i am confused? suppose u deposit amt 50000 ( for one Year) on which u get 4%int per annuam (simple int) give me a journal entry for int? , , What is inter-corporate deposits? and where it is shown in balance sheet?

AT THE TIME OF REDEMPTION OF DEBENTURES. WHEN THERE IS PROFIT/LOSS ON SALE OF DEBENTURES WE TRANSFER THAT AMOUNT IN PROFIT AND LOSS A/C BUT WHEN WE CANCEL OUR DEBENTURES AFTER BUYING IT FROM OPEN MARKET THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MARKET VALUE AND COST OF DEBENTURES TRANSFER TO CAPITAL RESERVE ACCOUNT. WHY SO ANY PRACTICAL ANSWER?? If grant is receivable by head office, but it is directly received by branch then what entries should be passed in branch and head office in tally Today, in this post, we will discuss the basic reasons why graduates in India go for a bank job and will also discuss why banking sector is the most attractive job sector in India.

Stay tuned with us. Find here the list of current Here are some of the most common reasons why we usually go for a banking job Banking sector has a job for candidates from almost every field of education including finance, engineering, software, marketing, technology, etc. Banking sector has a job for various qualifications including graduate, post-graduate, 10th pass, 12th pass, diploma, etc. banking sector is no more limited to traditional lending and depositing, but with the introduction of technology, the sector has become much more appealing and challenging.

Banking jobs give you a chance to interact with people and to know the financial and economical status of your country. Banks are one of the most important part of our daily system and so are bank employees. These are the most common reason we give when asked Why do you want a Bank job?

Here are some other reasons why one should go for a banking job Since job timing is fixed, you can give enough time to other important thing including your family These are the most basic reasons why one should go or one would go with a bank job. If you have any other reason or idea in mind, feel free to share in the comments. If you like the post, you can share it with others. Stay tuned for more You can find here the complete list of Purchase BANK Exams preparation Books

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