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why is ph such an important aspect of soil fertility

The proportions of what three particles are used to determine soil texture? Which of these particles has the smallest surface area? Which has the largest? We use the proportions of clay, silt, and sand to determine soil texture in this lab. The particle with the smallest particle is clay and the particles with the largest surface area is sand. ), to determine the type of soils with the following particle sizes
What role does humus play in soil fertility? Humus plays an important role in soil fertility because it is the organic matter that feed the micro-organisms in the soil. Without humus the soil would not be as fertile creating an imbalance of organisms in the soil.

Why is pH such an important aspect of soil fertility? pH is important aspect of soil fertility because the level of pH will will influence what kind of organisms that will live in the soil. These can affect how the plants grow since each plant has an optimum pH level in which it will flourish. What are some natural sources of the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous found in soil? Animal waste, insect waste, bacteria How are the three primary plant nutrients used by living organisms? Living organisms use the three primary nutrients to keep a chain of life going. When on nutrient is consumed a different nutrient comes out as a waste product that is then consumed and so on.

By what process is atmospheric molecular nitrogen (N2) converted into a form that plants can readily absorb through their roots? What form of nitrogen is this? The process that turns nitrogen into N4 is when bacteria and fungi are eaten and then pooped out. Bacteria and fungi are rich in nitrogen and when they get eaten and pooped out they are turned into N4. What are some possible sources of error in this experiment? Some possible sources of error could probably be the amount of water put into the jar with dirt. Or another one might be not letting the water mix in long enough. Evaluate the fertility of the soil used in this lab activity based upon your results.

Based on my results, I concluded that my soil was not very fertile since the nutrient levels were both low. If the nutrients are low not much life is going on. If there is not that much life not a lot of nutrients are around to be well fertile. What types of vegetation does soil of the type and pH you sampled best support? I think that my soil would best support desert plants because it has very little nutrients like the plants from the desert. This investigation explored a necessary part of our existence I had never before considered. I was happy to find there were trends in the data despite the fact that our soil came from many places around San Diego.

Also, it goes to show how complex and important soil really is. I think that the investigation went great and that people had fun doing the lab and were neither frustrated nor stumped. I didn t see many sources for error in a text like this unless the error was a mistake on the part of the person (i. e. not following instructions ). As a result, I definitely enjoyed this lab and the knowledge it had to offer. The only thing I can say, and it is a generality for many bigger assignments in Environmental Science, is that I think an assignment description and due date should always be posted on the class blog.

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