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why do you burp after drinking water

When you swallow some air, the air goes into your body. When it is time for the air to come out, it emerges from the same way that it went in. This is basically your body ejecting the air that you had swallowed. You will be pleased to know that burping is not a medical condition at all, even though many people suffer from continuous burps. Burping is the body s way of removing the air that we have swallowed. This helps the body get rid of all the gas that has accumulated in the body. Even though in some parts of the world burping after a meal is indicative of the eater s appreciation of the food, in most parts of the world this is not the case and burping is frowned upon in society. For this reason your anxiety about your burping is understandable. If you are burping after you have drunk liquids this could mean that you are swallowing air when you are drinking the liquid. That is why, soon after you have finished drinking something you burp. This is nature s way of ensuring that the air that you have swallowed is sent back.

The basic solution to this is that you don t swallow quite so much air. Sometimes when people get used to burping, they indulge in loud burps and continue burping for some time. Instead of encouraging yourself to burp, you can try stifling the burp. When you make an attempt to control the burp you will find that you are burping far less than usual. If you are regular smoker, then you should immediately stop this. When you smoke, you invariably swallow a lot of air along with the smoke. It is this air that demands an outlet and causes you to burp. You should also learn to eat slowly. Chewing well helps in reducing the rate of your eating. Since you suffer from burps after you have swallowed fluids, you should try to drink fluids slowly. Try not to open your mouth too wide when you are eating food and particularly when drinking fluids, and try to be aware of whether you are swallowing air when doing so. You have not mentioned which fluid causes you to burp loudly. If you drink carbonated drinks regularly, then this is the reason why you burp so frequently.

You should stay away from aerated drinks. You should also avoid drinking any liquid through a straw since drinking the fluid with a straw increases the amount of air that you swallow and makes you burp more often.
Hi everyone, who is dealing with the same symptoms like me. Im sorry for my English, but I have to find someone with the same problem. Im having the same symptoms like you. Burping is 1st thing which wakes me at the morning. 1 drop of anything makes me burps( i do write anything, because there isnt diference between water, mixed banana or mixed anything. ) as much as im trying to make stomach full it has effect that air is pushing up more and more. Burping started one night, when i was awaken from sleep by extrem shocking pain, i was almost not able to catch breath( so answers like kind of-, swallowing air, drinking sparkling water or anything what starts on psycho. are a bit out of. ) have to say i was slim women with not any personal! problems and never any gastro problems( you can forget worldwide word IBS) That night, i went to drink water and i felt like i have peacies of glass in my stomach.

That pain was so strong that i was month later not even able to lift hands up or bend to the left side, like something would squeezer me inside. Fever, diarrhea and red marks on my back were on during all the time. Blood exam showed eozionofily were on high level. I made gastroskopy/ they didnt find anything, and also told me my esophagus sphincter(cardia) works well from the down-look. I made barium exam in Paris- and nothig wrong was found. Ct scan shows FNH on livers( those are ok) andthat my big colon push my stomach. Another clinic said, that it must be paraduodenal hernia(small intestine behind stomach) i was operated- but it was mistake. 1st thing what happend after operation was that i needed stand up and burp, but the condition didnt let me to stand up. so i already knew, operation was for nothing. They wrote to operation protocol, that my stomach was full of air(dilated stomach) and told me to visit their friend gastroenterologits.

This gastroenterologist told me he will do some technic/mechanical massage of esophagus sphincter. that i will stop burp. i didnt and i had hiccups 5 days, pain and no more contact with esophagus, felt like he burned my nerves there. from that time situation went worst. air pushs up but burping is more uncomfortable and after this, it takes water or mix of anything up to the mouth. I made new barium exam in Paris and they found small sliding hiatal hernia( but why they didnt see it on the gastroscopy, or on barium exams before?? ) they told me, its nit sure small hernia could make all this. and any other doctor doesnt see it on the radio picture. If anyone of you want to conect with me, please write to me anytime, im loosing hope but there must exist help out of this hell. Noone helped me till now, im reciving the same crazy answers like you. from swallowing air, to problem from A-Z or other crazy answers. Thank you for sharing!

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