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why do you want to become a dental nurse

I am a qualified dental nurse and i worked in a hotel prior to this. so i had no dental experience whatsoever when i applied for my job. I got a letter to say i was unsuccessful in my initial interview and was so downhearted. but 2 months later got a phonecall to ask if i was still interested! They had took on a qualified nurse as were short staffed-so i must have done something right for them to consider me at a later date. Im quite shy and feel very anxious at interview so i really dont know what made me stand out. but from what i remember. why do i want to be a dental nurse? what skills do i have that would make me good at being a dental nurse? how do i cope under pressure?

Just try to be calm and relaxed. dont just answer what they ask you. give them a little extra! so when they ask what skills you have-maybe look on the net for a dental nurse job description and pick out the skills that you have from the skills that denta nurses must have. the ability to multi task and work to a tight schedule (sticking to appointment times and not running late, setting up the surgery quickly etc) and probably most importantly TIME KEEPING! no boss likes staff who are always late for work lol. also research into the job before the interview and ask the interviewrs some questions too! look at the background of dentistry so you can show you actually have an interest in the job. so ask what training you will recieve eg college course, what sort of dental treatments do they provide. so just standard dental treatments or do they provide private dental care, orthodontics (braces) etc. maybe ask about staff turnaround - i wish i had known about asking this as in my first dental nurse job i didnt see many of the staff staying longer than a few months lol (not because of the job though so dont be put off lol), seems like a weird question to ask but you want to know whether staff are loyal and stick around or not, it shows whether people enjoy working there or not! just a few pointers hope they help!!! let me know how it goes and please ask me any questions!

Why DO YOU want to be a dental nurse?

Surely you must know. Is it because you re interested in helping others, you want to have interaction with the general public?

Is it because you find the Field of Dental Surgery particularly interesting. Why is that? You want to help people who are in pain? Do you want to assist the dentist make the patient who was upset with their appearance more aesthetically pleasing. Give them confidence and their smile back. Do you want to help the surgery run smoothly and efficiently? Only YOU know the real answers to these questions. Just be honest without being too over the top. It s a great job. I ve loved every minute of it. Good luck, hope it goes well

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