why do you need travel insurance europe

Many U. S. citizens are under the impression that health care in Europe is free and they question whether travel insurance is necessary for Europe. According to the, hospital treatment through the National Health Service (NHS)
is free only to people who live on a lawful and properly settled basis (ordinarily resident) in the United Kingdom (UK). With some exceptions, if you do not normally live in Europe, you will have to pay for any medical treatment you receive regardless of whether you are a citizen or have lived or worked in the UK in the past. Emergency treatment given inside an Accident and Emergency department or NHS emergency walk-in center. Treatment given after admission into a hospital is not free. Treatment for certain infections diseases (including STDs, but excluding HIV/AIDS) when it is the first diagnosis and connected to counseling sessions. This means that any treatment beyond the initial emergency care and non-emergency treatment will incur a charge. For example, if your child starts running a fever and you take the child to a doctor, youll need to pay for that medical treatment out of pocket. After all, a fever while concerning to you as a parent is not a qualified medical emergency. Other than the above, overseas visitors are charged for their hospital treatment unless they are otherwise entitled to NHS hospital treatment free of charge. The list of these people includes students living in the UK less than 6 months, refugees and asylum seekers, diplomatic staff working in embassies and the list goes on.

In short, the casual traveler from the U. S. is not included. Travel insurance has a lot of benefits in addition to medical care like, to cover the priciest travel disasters. Even if your emergency medical care is covered, you will still have to pay for prescription charges and other charges levied by the medical facility. is typically really cheap its simply not worth NOT having it. Ultimately, its the travelers decision whether or not to take the risk and travel without travel insurance, but given the fact that the largest portion of any full-featured travel insurance plan is the cost of insuring trip cancellation and interruption, it really makes no sense not to have travel medical coverage even when you travel to Europe. Travel insurance (or holiday insurance) is important if you want to make sure youll be able to afford medical care when youre abroad. Why take out travel insurance? The average cost for overseas medical treatment is 1,300, but can be much higher. Source: ABI (2017) For example, in one case treating multiple fractures and an artery tear in the USA, a British citizen was forced to take an air ambulance back to the UK. The cost of the treatment and transport was close to 500,000. Getting medical care on holiday could cost you thousands of pounds. Travel insurance that covers getting you home and medical expenses is essential. Other insurance like credit card accident cover and private health insurance doesnt cover most travel emergencies.

Without insurance, you might have to cover emergency expenses on your own the British Consulate is unlikely to help you. What does travel insurance cover? the costs of cancelling, delaying or cutting your trip short* personal liability, in case youre sued for damaging property or causing injury. *Baggage and cancellation cover might be additional extras within some policies. What isnt covered by travel insurance? If youre over 65 or have a medical condition, you might need specialist insurance. If you have a medical condition you have to tell your insurer if asked or risk invalidating your insurance policy. When you buy insurance you must answer all questions about your circumstances and health honestly. You have to include everything, even if you think its not important, for example taking regular tablets for high blood pressure or angina. If you dont your policy wont be valid. Adventure sports, winter sports and any dangerous activities are often not covered as part of a standard travel insurance policy and you might need extra cover. With most policies, you arent covered for travel to countries or regions that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends avoiding Coverage for strikes, civil unrest, earthquakes, acts of terrorism and epidemics such as SARS varies. Because travel insurance policies vary, weve prepared some guides to help you find the specific information and cover you need. Do you still need travel insurance if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

With an EHIC (formerly E111) you get the same level of state-provided medical care as someone who lives in the country youre visiting. Its valid in all European Economic Area countries and Switzerland. The downside is that the local level of care might not be the same as what youd get in the UK. Youll also need to pay for part of your bills, if thats how the local system works. EHIC wont cover the costs of repatriation getting you back home after a medical emergency on holiday could be very costly. If you use an EHIC to get medical care, some insurers wont ask you to pay the excess on your medical claims. While its worth getting an EHIC, its not enough on its own. You should still get travel insurance that includes medical and repatriation cover. Can travel insurance represent good value? The main benefit of travel insurance is in having emergency medical cover on holiday. What happens if you have a bad fall on the ski slopes and need a helicopter to a good hospital? How would you cope if one of the kids fell ill even with something minor in the US or another country with sky-high medical costs? With those costs covered, youll quickly realise the value of having a holiday insurance policy. The cover you get for personal possessions can be covered under your home contents insurance policy. Its best to check whether you have this already before you add it to your travel policy. Some travel insurers will give you a discount if you exclude baggage cover.

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