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why is my computer beeping when i turn it on

can I ask if how many beeps? 1. (VIDEO CARD)- remove the video card clean it up. you can use eraser. make sure to remove the dust/lint. 2. (RAM)- If the problem is the ram. its the same. remove the ram clean it. the same as you clean the video card. but if you put back the ram to the slot. make it sure to lock it up and tighten up. just monitor it that its not loosen. 3. (PROCESSOR) - remove the processor. clean the white one I mean the paste
(thermal paste) then if you don't have that paste try to ask the hardware im sure they have one and grab it. don't leave the processor if it is not attach in the slot make sure to have that paste first it has time limit in exposing the processor it may cause a problem if the processor wont put back int the slot. the main solution is change the thermal paste then lock it up tightly. the most important thing is just. lock it up so tight. that all. this is only my suggestions. i hope it helps.

Email Id's removed for security codename: anak ni cocoy. if theres any comment well. ill take it as a pleasure. thanks I know this is an old thread but my gateway m6750 is doing the exact same thing except it repeats 8's I also get the beeps.

I took the keyboard out and it does the same thing. I also swapped memory and pulled the hard drive,still got the beeps. I guess this is something in the motherboard that makes the keyboard work. I guess stezzo did the right thing. he smashed it or just gave up. My brother has a gateway laptop he used for 1 1/2 years(2005-2007) until 1 day on startup it keep making repeated beeping during booting. After windows loads up, it stops beeping but when on the internet - you cannot type in anything!

As soon as you put the mouse in the search bar to type, it types in ". ", all the way across as if the ". ", key is stuck. I recently got great help from combat wombat for my Dell laptop, thanks again "CW". Hoping to get some more great help again or at least to be pointed in the right direction would be appreciated but still hoping to go 2 for 2 on tom's hardware. It's been years so the Gateway laptop is no longer in warranty so my bro is using the old dinosaur Dell desktop from 2001 that takes forever when on the net, lol. Thank you. Thank you,

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