why do you want to be with me answer

When a girl asks you why you want to date herБ what should you
say? You *could* just tell herБ But donБt do this if you actually want
her. Once you enter into the dance of gaming girls, you instantly notice
come rolling down at high speed to crush your lay of the day. Girls with at least some experience will throw them at you.

The question in the title is one of those big snowballs that you either avoid like a pro. or suffocate under like a noob. YouБll especially face this test when you start to go fast with girls and come across as more of a sexual man. LetБs first talk about the game situations that lead to this question and what it tells you about the girl, then weБll see the underlying psychology of this question before giving you all the knowledge to answer it in the best possible way.

Take their question seriously. Their sudden question may some weird or silly to you, but they probably really want to know why you like them.

Stop what youБre doing and focus on the person so that you can give them a good answer. Smile and look them in the eyes when you reply. Really think about your words instead of giving a half-hearted or brief answer. If the person has asked you this question many times before and seems to have no real reason for doing it, itБs possible that they are just fishing for compliments.

This is especially true if they are never satisfied with the answer you give them. In this case, you can say something like, "I have already answered this question several times. Is something else going on? "

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