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why is ph an important factor in shampoo selection

PH balanced refers to the fact that normal hair and skin have a PH value between 4. 5 - 5. 5. The "balance" refers to the fact that the shampoo has the same PH v
alue and is therefore balanced, or harmonious with your hair and skin. Ph balanced shampoos don't damage the hair the way alkaline or even neutral PH shampoos will since they don't strip away the oils on your scalp that produce the acid condition (4. 5-5. 5) that is normally present.

The acid condition of your hair and skin is referred to as the "acid mantle. " The result of using shampoos that are not PH balanced is dryness, varying in degree, depending on the PH value of the shampoo being used. The higher the PH value of the shampoo, the more severe the dryness can become. Hair colors and permanent waves have alkaline PH values and dry the hair.

Hair straighteners are the most alkaline products used in hair salons and damage the hair more than any other chemical treatment. One of the agents in hair straightener is sodium hydroxide. That's the same stuff they use in Drano to dissolve hair that clogs drains. Oily : Brush hair, apply scalp lotion to scalp only, apply infared lamp for 5 minutes, manipulate the scalp, balancing shampoo, towel dry hair, apply direct high-frequency current for 3-5 minutes, apply scalp astringent and/or suitable styling aid.

Dry: Brush hair, apply scalp prep for dry scalp, apply scalp steamer for 7-10 minutes, or wrap the head in a warm towel for samea amount of time, use conditioning or moisturizing shampoo, towel dry, apply moisturizing scalp cream sparingly with rotary, frictional motion,Puse direct high-frequency current, rinse.

Dandruff: PShampoo with medicated shampoo, towel dry, apply antidandruff conditioner or lotion, apply heat with an infrared lamp or scalp steamer for 5 minutes (optional), shampoo again with antidandruff, rinse. Because of ability of the fungus to resist treatment, recommend additonal salon treatments and frequent use of antidandruff shampoo at home - or refer to physician is Pityriasis Steatoides

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