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why is my check engine light flashing and car shaking

People have ruined cats by driving them with bad misfires. It dumps fuel as if it was running right but since one or more cylinders are not firing, the gas goes to the cat and then burns and can melt it. Start with the easy stuff, pull the cover off the motor and make sure all 4 coils are pushed down tight. If that makes it run OK then drive it to where you can work on it and pull the plugs. If a coil is popped up, good chance that plug is loose.

If so, new plugs, properly torqued, coils back on. If not loose coil, then get the codes scanned to verify what coil is dead and replace. Others could easily fail soon too and the bad coil could make the plug for that cylinder pretty cruddy and in need of replacement too.
My 02 S60 2. 4T AWD has about 107k miles and is overdue for the 105k service (Dealership wants $1500), so i'm having one of my locally available mechanic change the timing belt and water pump, tensioner and pulley changed.

Getting the parts from FCPEuro. Yesterday, the when i cranked the car, it was running normal and after few minutes, when i shifted to Drive, i felt the car shaking. I definitely could feel the exhaust making louder bumping noise. I drove couple more feet and it shook heavier, then the Check Engine light came of Steady. After few seconds, the Check Engine light starts flashing, but I don't get any warning messages in the dashboard.

Since the Check Engine Light was flashing, i figured i had to stop driving and check. All i could figure out was the exhaust pipe making a weird Boom Boom Boom kinda stop and go noise. 1. Time to change Spark Plugs 2. Something got busted/broken in the exhaust line (I recently did the resonator delete with 3" straight pipe) 3. Timing belt? Help me out please!! a video of how it sounds currently.

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