why do you want to be an architect

SO, please enlighten me, why do you all want to be architects? and how are you sure that its definately right for you? (the following wil probably tell u that i really need a shrink! , dont read if you arent bothered about other peoples predicaments and helping them, coz ull just be bord! )
im currently having a pre-midlife, personality crisis. having spent my whole life wanting to be a vet more than anything in the world, doing all the work experience (alot of it) and working my ass off acidemically, i have not gotten firm acceotance and have been asked for grades i dont think i have met. it has only recently occured to me that perhaps i dont want to be a vet. the course most definately the hardest, and after doing 6 yrs of solid science i have begun to resent it. with my grades i could get into any science degree course in scotland, but it would be my worst nightmare!! i dont know wether i have completely loved all of my work exp, or wether i have just convinced myself because i have been totally obseesed with the goal of getting into vet school. one thing i have always been interested in is buildings, i love 'grand designs', and am facinated by buildings, how they are built and the design of them, the renovation of old buildings and the melding of old and new, traditional and modern. i am a very precise and intricate person, definately a perfectionist. all of these things make me feel as though i would enjoy architecture. my one problem is that i have never taken art or any art courses. i always liked them but had to drop them to take sciences, my dad is a successful artist, as is my auntie and grandmother, my grandfather was a photographer and my mother makes models, ornaments and pottery and my sister got an A in higher art. it seems like art is all around me and as though i just never gave it a chance because i was a science person. everybody always told me i was going to be a vet or scientist and perhaps that has been engrained in me. this has turned out to be a very unfocused ramble, but i dont know who i am, (or perhaps im just finding out! ), i dont know what i want and i know that i have to figure it out for myself. but please helps me! do you think iv lost the plot? that iv only given up on vet because im finding it too hard (but really its what i really want)? , or do you think that im just working out who i am and disguarding an old, irrelevant dream? (and go you think a love for 'grand designs' is a bit of a flimsy reason to want to be an architect, am i just clinging at straws! ) Are you considering a college degree in architecture, but not sure where the skills and diploma can take your career?

Read on for four great reasons to study architecture as an international student!

Architecture is a creative and artful way to make an impact on society. After all, architects build modern homes to fit the needs of growing families, design meeting rooms for the worldвs most impactful leaders, and are among the select few that help craft a cityвs skyline through the creation of buildings that seem to touch the clouds themselves. If the impact your work can have on the people of one family, community or city isnвt enough, here are four more reasons to study architecture as an international student: 1. Architecture is the Art of Self-Expression в Each architectural piece is a creative representation of the thoughts and hopes of the designer. Of course itвs important to meet the needs and expectations of your clients, but the overall look, design and feel of your work is generally a result of your own creativity в ensuring this particular career path is exceptionally satisfying. 2.

To Affect the World on a Global Scale В в Tourists travel across cities, countries and even continents seeking famous pieces of architecture every day. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Big Ben, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Taj Mahal are just a few world-renowned structures that the world can not only recognize, but more than likely can name the city in which they were built. Even if you donвt ultimately create the next Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building, your works are generally going to be outside, meaning that they will be seen by passerbyвs up to 365 days a year and recognized by countless people you will never meet в what an amazing concept! 3. Architecture is a High-Paying Profession в We didnвt put this near the top of our list because hopefully the paycheck isnвt your top incentive when choosing your career, but it is certainly something worth noting. Even though the first three to five years of your career will likely be spent at the bottom of the totem pole as an intern, the more experience you have and the impressive your portfolio, the more padded your wallet will eventually become.

Best of all, a lot of for international students offer scholarships to help you get started and internship opportunities further into your degree. 4. For the Hands-On Experience в Though technology innovates the way architecture is done, it is still a job that demands attention to detail and focused work. It is not a data-entry job and generally isnвt a 9-5er either. It takes long hours and expertise to create masterpieces and earn the commission that comes along with it. Even if you havenвt the faintest clue yet, having a passion to create and bring beauty to the world should never be ignored! Always remember that architecture is more than science and much more than a two dimensional piece of art. It is the harmonious combination of both art and science that will make each structure you create truly special. This entry was posted on Monday, February 29th, 2016 at 6:00 am and is filed under,. You can follow any responses to this entry through the feed. You can, or from your own site.

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