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why do you get sleepy when you eat turkey

You've been looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner all year turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Mmm-mmm! But after you finish that second helping of turkey with gravy, you start to feel a little sleepy. As your Uncle George starts to explain why eating turkey makes people so tired, you suddenly feel like curling up in front of the TV and napping until next Thanksgiving. But is gobbling up all that turkey really to blame? Not exactly. Here's why: Turkey meat contains a lot of an amino acid called L-tryptophan (say: el-
trip -teh-fan). Amino acids are the "building blocks" for the proteins that make up our and other important parts of our bodies. (L-tryptophan is just one kind of amino acid there are many different kinds of amino acids in the foods we eat. ) When we eat foods that contain L-tryptophan, this amino acid travels in the blood from the digestive system and later enters the brain. The brain then changes the L-tryptophan into another chemical called serotonin (say: sare-uh- toh -nin).

Serotonin calms us down and helps us sleep. But scientists now know that L-tryptophan can really only make a person tired right away if it is eaten or taken by itself without any amino acids. And the protein in turkey contains plenty of other amino acids! Most scientists think that there's a different reason why eating a special meal might make you drowsy. Eating a big Thanksgiving dinner causes increased blood flow to the stomach (needed to help digest the meal) and less blood flow to the brain. So just how do you avoid that sleepy feeling on Turkey Day? Eat small, healthy meals (try to limit junk foods) throughout the day before you sit down for your big meal don't starve yourself in anticipation of the feast to come. Have small portions of foods that are part of your Thanksgiving meal (including whatever veggies are on the table). Drink water and take breaks while you are eating to see how full you've become. Stop eating once you're full there will always be leftovers tomorrow.

Finally, take a walk outside afterward to digest your meal. This will make you feel better than crashing on the couch. Follow these tips and have a Happy Thanksgiving gobble, gobble! On rare occasions, being tired after a meal or simply sleepy all the time could be a sign of another health problem. Conditions that can make post-meal drowsiness worse include: or If youвre frequently tired and have one of these conditions, talk to your doctor about possible solutions. If youвre unaware of an underlying medical condition but have other symptoms in addition to post-meal sleepiness, your doctor can help you identify whatвs causing the slump. If someone with or or diabetes feels tired after eating, it could be a symptom of or. (high blood sugar) may occur when too many sugars are consumed. Itвs made worse if thereвs inefficient or insufficient insulin to transport sugars to the cells for energy. Sugars are the cellsв main source of energy, which explains why inefficient or insufficient insulin may leave you feeling tired.

Other symptoms associated with hyperglycemia may include increased and. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) may occur due to consuming that are quickly digestible. These carbohydrates can make blood sugar levels spike and then crash in a short amount of time. Hypoglycemia can also occur in someone with diabetes who has taken more insulin or other than needed based on the foods they consumed. Sleepiness can be one primary symptom of hypoglycemia, along with: dizziness or Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are serious medical conditions, especially for people with diabetes. They should be treated immediately as directed by your doctor. An intolerance of or an allergy to certain foods can be of post-meal tiredness. Food intolerances and allergies can impact digestion or other bodily functions. Other acute or chronic symptoms may also be present, including gastrointestinal upset, skin conditions, and or.

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