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why do yellow labs shed so much

Use bath time as another opportunity to remove stray hairs. After completing the brushing procedure, bathing your lab once a week during shedding season can further reduce the amount of hair shed -- provided you do it correctly. After applying dog-friendly shampoo, massage your pooch all over with a rubber brush or coarse bath mitt to further loosen those stubborn yellow hairs. Since lab coats don't tangle like many breeds, you can massage vigorously without causing painful snarls. Soap residue can irritate your lab's skin, so make sure to rinse her coat twice after applying dog-friendly conditioner.
Q : How can I get to stop shedding so much? I have a yellow lab, he's almost a year old and he sheds like crazy!

There's hair everywhere. I give him baths, which I figure would help but I can't bathe him everyday. Is there any way to stop the shedding without spending tons of money? Photo Credit: Answers and Views: Answer by Garfield Change his diet. A lot of times that will help. If he is healthier, he won't shed as much. Also, brush him everyday so that the hair he is shedding is collected and not all over your house! Answer by Camirra Unfortunately some dogs are simply more prone to shedding than others it can vary from breed to breed and from dog to dog and there's no way to "change" their biological makeup. But if you have a dog who sheds to excess there are some preventive steps you can take.

Bathing is fine, but it actually doesn't get rid of loose hair. For best results you are going to have to brush the dog every day. Lab's don't have an extremely heavy undercoat, so a stiff bristled brush should work. If it doesn't seem to be picking up enough hair, pet stores also sell "hand mittens" that act as a brush and special shedding blades that detach dead hair. And even though Lab's don't have a double coat, you could still try a comb specifically designed to remove loose hair in the undercoat of dogs. To keep ahead of the hair, you are going to have to be committed to daily grooming. But I think you will find that your dog will enjoy the attention and it will bring you closer.

Answer by Sandy I have a yellow lab as well, and I feel your pain! Brush him as often as you can! But if your dog is anything like mine he hates it and I nearly have to hold him down to do the job! You can also find fish oil at your local pet store, that you can put just a little on your dogs food. This is supposed to help you pet shed less! I also take my dog to petsmart twice a year to be carded. Basically they have two really bad sheds a year where they lose their undercoat to grow the new one for each season. Carding is just a term for the groomers to go in and get as much of the excess hair off the dog as they can!! Good luck!! Answer by sooSOO I saw a commercial and they sell these shedding things and they did one on a dog and it worked VERY WELL. Or what I did is constantly brushed my dog over and over again.

She liked it and she stopped shedding. Answer by Hero Thanks for the help everyone I have a black lab who sheds terribley! he is a calm dog about 5 years old and has been shedding since he was born, and will be trying your advice. and if i can remember, I will post the results. And by shedding alot I mean ALOT! Like a wig a day. It's gotten worse since this summer I think it could be because of the heat, or because he has been eating leftovers, couldnt afford Read all the answers in the comments. What do you think?

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