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why do you want to be a train driver

The above sample structured interview questions all require you to provide a specific example of where you carried out a task or took a particular course of action. You will notice that the sample questions are all within the realms of the role of a train driver; therefore, it is perfectly acceptable for the interviewing panel to want to see EVIDENCE of where you meet each particular area being assessed. You will notice that I have capitalised the word EVIDENCE; this is because it is vitally important that you provide specific details of where you have already carried out the task or action in question in a previous or current role. Anybody can say at interview what they would do in a given situation, but actually providing details and EVIDENCE of what they have done in a similar situation is a far harder task.

The simple fact is this: you are applying for a position that carries a huge amount of responsibility and as such, it is vital that you have the knowledge, skills and experiences to do the job safely and competently. If you dont currently have the experiences to answer the questions then you need to find ways of gaining the required level of experience. 1. There is nothing to stop you from embarking on a Health and Safety course in order to gain the skills and experiences required to answer the following two questions:
Q. PProvide an example of when you have followed rules and procedures to complete a specific task.

Q. PProvide details of where you have carried out a safety-critical task. 2. There is also nothing to stop you from asking your boss at work if you can deliver a presentation to your co-workers on an interesting subject that relates to your work. Q. PProvide an example of when you have had to communicate an important message to a group of people. 3. If you are struggling to think of a situation where you have learnt a large amount of work-related information then why not embark on an evening class or learn a musical instrument? Just think outside of the box a little! The important factor to remember of that at no point should you be dishonest during the interview. People have asked me during myP Pcourse if it is wise for them to make up fictitious scenarios so that they can answer the questions; my response is a resounding NO! There is absolutely no way that I want a train driver driving a train that I am a passenger on if he or she has lied at the interview; would you?

I take it you are a Guard at the moment (judging by your username) so you could say that you want to progress in your railway career. You could say that your current role has given you a good insight into what a driver does and you believe that you would enjoy the role of a mainline driver and it would provide more job satisfaction. You could also say that after being a Guard for X amount of years you are now looking for a new and challenging role and would enjoy learning new skills.

You can also add that you would like to do more to help Northern build on its PPM to achieve its 94% reliability target and would enjoy helping passengers get from A to B (the sort of corporate stuff they like to hear I think). You can also add things like you want the role because you believe you have the right skills to do it, and you could even say that you enjoy working alone as thats what you ll be doing if you get the job obviously. I think mentioning the salary is not required as it goes without saying that the salary is a motivator, it would be like stating the obvious, so cant see that gaining any points in your interview score.

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