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why is my cat sticking her tongue out

my cat has had her tongue sticking out of her mouth for 2 days now do you know what could be the problem? well sometimes when my cat is washing she stops and leaves her toungue out for a few minutes. It's almost like she doesn't know it's there, which is strange, but she always pops it back after a short while. if your cat has had his tongue out for a few days, it could possibly be caused by either having some teeth missing, some nerve damage in the mouth which means they cannot feel that the tongue is outside. or even possibly some illness to do with the brain which means messages like your tongue is outside are not geting through.

As it has been two days I think a visit to the vets is called for for further investigation.
I've taken care of some cats at a non-profit and their tongues stick out when they're really enjoying a good grooming session.

It's pretty cute. Not sure if Charm is doing it cuz she's happy, too, or maybe just sorta sticking it out there to smell something a little better.

I've also taken care of a sweet little Persian mix and her little tongue sticks out all the time unfortunately due to the breeding, I think. Her face is pretty squished up. I cleaned her face with some saline on q-tips this past weekend and she just loved it. she closed her eyes and totally leaned into the q-tips. so sweet.

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