why do you want to be a software engineer

I was eleven years old. I was standing in a cattle chute. My job was to persuade the cow in front of me to move forward where it would get shots and any other doctoring it might need. This was about cow #60 for the day. It was hot out but I was wearing long sleeve coveralls. I was covered in shit. Possibly the only part of my that had no shit was the back of my head - but I never checked. Cows like open pasture. They did the chute thing once a year and they did not like it. Being in the chute made them nervous. When nervous, they tended to get projectile diarrhea. Especially just before the part where they could stand and watch their buddy get shots, or maybe dehorned. And I was standing behind them at their most nervous spot. About fifteen feet away was a big garbage can full of ice and sweet pepsi cola in glass bottles. At the age of 11 I rarely got to indulge in soda pop. So this was really difficult. During the spring roundup we were allowed to have all of the pop we wanted. But. there was cow shit on my lips and all over my face. Since my hands were also covered in shit, I couldn't wipe the shit off of my face. I had to wait until we were done and hope that there would still be some sweet pepsi cola.

So. there was this moment. where the cow in front of me seemed a bit calmer. I let my mind drift. I thought about how somewhere. at that same moment. there was a guy getting paid to sit on his butt in an air conditioned office, complete with the option of drinking sweet pepsi cola from a glass bottle. And then I thought: how does one get a job like that? This is a 100% true story. While not THAT dramatic, I spent a summer working in a window factory. I had to place locks on window frames for 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week. While standing in the 110 degree F factory, where I was required to wear long sleeves and pants due to the glass, I thought to myself "Gee, I'm pretty savvy with those computers. And they require AC. "
Here I am! Today's world is fast paced, intriguing and innovative. It is filled with innovative people who are reaching new heights of success with each passing day thus bringing the world to a whole new level of technological advancement, and these changes or advancements are fast. New inventions are being made with each passing hour and new software is being developed to run the above-mentioned inventions. This article is to shed some light on the reasons why a person should adopt the field of software development to succeed in this vastly changing world.

Software developers are the inventors of the technologies that all of us take for granted every day. Take mobile phones for example. Can you imagine them working without software? The answer to that question is no because it would not be possible. Or look at the application that rings, sings or buzzes us out of sleep every day in the morning? That app exists in this world due to the hard work and talent of some software designer. The social media apps that we use every day to keep in touch with our friends, family and loved ones is also designed by software developers. E-banking, pdf books online, cooking phone applications, all of these are the work of some software developer. They are the masterminds behind all the technologies that have become a part of your daily life. Software developers are expected to be people who just sit around at their desks and just live in their computers. Well, that is not true. Software development is a very vast field and is interlinked with all other types of industries including but not limited to fashion, medical, construction and even restaurants. Yes, that is how diverse the field of software development is and that is how many people need software for their businesses.

The best of the software developers are people who have loads of creativity and own the technical expertise to convert any innovative idea to reality. They have a lot of responsibilities too. They can either spend their time starting something from scratch or as part of a project for their client. They can also be asked to maintain and improve an existing and working code for a program that is running. The updates that you get for your phone applications are an example of this. Software developers also check for the presence of bugs in the software. As it seems from all the above their job does require a lot of time, uninterrupted and extreme concentration, they still have enough time and money to have fun with others. Often they have to socialize with people from other companies (including fellow developers, managers, and clients) to know what they expect from the project that they are doing. They are also known to be naturals when it comes to problem-solving and possess the ability to think outside the box and strong analytical skills. There is a very high demand of software developers nowadays and a lot of job opportunities for them to select from.

They can seek employment in a range of industries from including computer systems design, electronic product manufacturing and finance. This field also has a very low unemployment rate. As for the salary, the labor department reports that software developers make an average salary of $92,660 per year. The highest-paid 10 percent in the profession earned $143,540 in 2013, while the lowest-paid earned $55,770. The computer systems design industry and software publishers employ the highest number of software engineers, but the highest-paid positions are spread across the country, with San Jose, California; Sioux City, Iowa; and Panama City, Florida leading the way. Employers want to see a proficiency in computer science, but they also want to see practical experience and a passion for the field. Even if you don't have an internship on your rцsumц, there are other ways you can showcase your work. So after going through all of the above, it is safe to say that choosing software development as a field in today's world would be a very wise choice indeed. If you are interested in programming and enjoy technology then this is just the career for you to adopt. Read.

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