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why does my pool pump loses pressure

KatieRI We were having an issue with low pressure and the flow of water filling the pump basket was too weak. (DE filter) I thankfully came across your advice to clean the impeller- full of debris. Also backwashed. Seemed to fix the problem! Except it was only temporary. Now the vacuum suction seems weak. When the pump is on recirculate the flow of water into the pump basket is forceful and water splashes against the cover. If we quickly turn to filter, this flow lasts for a while, but then the flow seems to lessen and water no longer splashes against the cover- there is just a constant flow of water. Same happens when vacuuming. If the pump is turned off for a few minutes and we try to start on filter, the flow never gets going well enough to create good pressure.

Why would it work well on recirculate but not on filter? A couple of other things that might be worth mentioning: 1. ) When I removed the pump basket cover to clean out the basket, I hear a "glug, glug, glug" as the water level goes down. (Not sure if that's normal or if it should flow smoothly. ) 2. ) There are also bubbles that come out of the jets, and this has been that way for years and things have always worked fine. When the pump first starts there are big bubbles, then tiny bubbles once the air clears. 3. ) We open the air relief valve when the filter starts until we get the stream of water, then we close it. It doesn't seem to take long (5-10 min) before there is more air to be released. (Also not sure if this is normal? ) Thank you for your helpful advice!
Can I Vacuum This Fine Black Silt In My Swimming Pool?

I really hope you can help me. I've a little bestway pool (10ft circular model, 3ft high) I filled it using our well water which has a fine black silt in it( it is harmless). I've been running the pump for 4 hours and brushing up the floor as the silt rests quite quickly to the bottom but as this is very time consuming. I was wondering do you think a vacuum would work as well? I use the right chemicals and have finally mastered this (phew). Also, once I have the pool cleared of the silt, would it be a good idea to top up with rain water as long as it is not too old? (shouldn't be a probelm here in Ireland) Any help would be great. Many thanks for your day.

I'm glad that you finally mastered the art of pool maintenance and chemicals. If you have a sand filter, the best way to vacuum is the do it to WASTE. This way the silt will bypass the filter. For a DE filter, you're going to need to recharge each time you vacuum. For a cartridge filter, have an extra couple on hand and change them out when they get dirty. Clean the old ones and rotate them with the dirty cartridges. If vacuuming to WASTE is not something you want to do, vacuum to FILTER but be sure you backwash when the pressure gets 8 - 10Psi over your "just backwashed" pressure. If you do vacuum to WASTE be sure to keep your water topped off. It should be between 1/3 - 1/2 up from the bottom of the skimmer. If you allow the water to get below the skimmer your system will draw in air.

I think topping off the pool with rain water is good, BUT, take the pH, alkalinity, and hardness readings of the rain water. This way you'll know the readings of what is going into the pool. You won't have any surprises if the pH goes down a bit or the alkalinity increases. You'll be prepared to make the right adjustments. If the rain water is too far off, use regular tap or well water, but test that as well. If you haven't already, test your well water for metals, mainly copper and iron. Your local pool store can do this for you. If metals are found in the water, use a good metal sequestering agent like Jack's Metal Free or Metal Wizard. Hope this helps and have a fun and safe swimming season. Robert

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