why do we study shakespeare in schools today

Shakespeares works are timeless. P After four hundred years, people still read, study, and perform his plays and poetry. P Almost anyone can quote from several of his works. P The reason that people know them is because they have been a part of our culture constantly since they were published. It is important to study Shakespeare because it is a part of popular culture. P Popular culture refers to movies, television, and songs.

P Have you heard Taylor Swifts song Love Story on the radio, which references
Romeo and Juliet? P Does your city have Shakespeare in the Park in the summer? P Did you know that the band in the Harry Potter series is called the Weird Sisters, after the characters in Macbeth? P Ill bet you have heard comparisons of ones love to a summers day. P Shakespeare is everywhere. P If you dont study Shakespeare, you will miss these references.

P You wont enjoy them or appreciate them, and you wont understand them. The greatest reason to study Shakespeare is that there is a reason it is still popular. P The stories themes are timeless. PPThese are tales of young love, madness, family drama, aging, ambition, murder, and intrigue. P Shakespeares poetry is clever and beautiful. P His plays cover multiple genres. PWhen you read and study the plays, you have a greater appreciation for them.

PThere are so many works, and they have so much to offer. The study of Shakespeare in schools is very relevant. The importance of Shakespeare is stated in no better way than the one provided by Ben Jonson, "He was not of an age, but for all time! " The themes depicted in many of Shakespeare's plays are still relevant today. The themes of good and evil, appearance and reality, fate, friendship and greed.

Not only are the themes relevant, the behavior of the characters in the plays are also relevant. Given that the characters in the plays deal with manipulation, morality, selfishness, love, and fear, readers of his plays can easily relate to works which were written centuries after they were written. Therefore, regardless of how long ago the plays were written, they still can influence, impact, and make readers think.

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