why do you need radiotherapy after chemotherapy

Hello Vinoth,
I am one of the enquiry nurses and Lucie our moderator asked if we could add anything to your thread. Radiotherapy techniques have advanced and treatment can be directed with increasingly more precision, but unfortunately this doesnot mean that the potential for side effects has been eliminated. We have some general information about radiotherapy side effects on our website at this,P but I am not sure how useful this will because it isnot tailored to your circumstances. P I think your best source of information about radiotherapy side effects will be your specialist team who know your details so do talk this over with them again.

P If you are struggling to decide what to do, you might want to think about getting an opinion from another specialist ( ), but they may say the same thing. There may be some community members on other forums who could share their experiences if no one here can. Perhaps it might be worth posting on the forum of the. If you want to talk to us please call on 0808 800 4040. We are here from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Best wishes, We were advised that it s a numbers game. If you are reading this because you are worried, ask about 5 and 10 year survival rates with and without treatment. Why is it beneficial? According to our specialist, survival rates increase with treatment.

For us, it was about 17% increase of survival. The way I think about it is that there s no guaranteed way to find cancer, especially in small quantities (as should be after surgery). The chemotherapy is a broad spectrum treatment to treat any cancers that may have spread to other parts of the body. Radiotherapy provides extra treatment in the affected area. If it started there once, it could start there again. Not all chemotherapy works, so, this is approaching the problem from a different angle to increase chances. There is also hormone treatment for breast cancer. This is because oestrogen is linked with breast cancer.

Hormone replacement suppresses oestrogen. As an interesting tidbit, check breast cancer rates in 3rd world countries where birth rates are higher. The rates of breast cancer are significantly lower. If you ve developed cancer once, it can happen again. Vigilance is essential for the rest of your life. This is why survival rates are usually only talked about for 5 and 10 years. If you survive that long, your original cancer was cured. However, it s no guarantee it won t happen again. You have good reason to ask and to be nervous. I wish anyone with cancer the best of luck. With a good attitude, it can bring people together.

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