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why is my cat scooting across the floor

Wilhelm is a butt scooter and needs a routine vet trip to have his anal glands expressed (about every six weeks. ) I had always thought it odd that he scoots more often than just towards the end of the six week stretch (when the glands are fullest. ) I wonder if he is trying to express them or if he just has an itchy butt? He often smiles when he scoots (it must feel good! ) Pumpkin did not help his glands do behind own thing. My former long haired cats, Emily and Gryphon, would scoot when they had feces stuck to the fur around their anus.

Ah the smeared poop on the floor. and the sofa. I am glad Amelia is a short haired tabby!
(Dallas, Tx) I recently saved a 5 year old male cat from being taken to a shelter. I have never had a cat before, so I want to know if this is normal. After he does his business in his litter box, he has a tendency to drag his bottom across the carpet.

I don't see blood or worms or anything that would cause alarm, but of course I don't like it! Is there anything to stop it from happening? Thanks! Hi, Jen, (1) due to anal sac problems (infection, too full, ruptured, etc. ) (2) because they have tapeworm (3) due to a feeling, real or imagined, that they are soiled there after having a bowel movement. They are trying to "clean" their rear ends by dragging them on something.

This occurs often in older cats who might have constipation issues and a bit of feces is left "hanging" from the anus. Diarrhea can also lead to this. This can also occur in overweight cats who simply can't easily reach to clean their rear ends due to their weight. Whatever the cause, it is not normal and indicates there is a problem in some way and he needs to see a vet. Thank you for writing, Dr. Neely

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