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why does my phone say 3g instead of 4g

Im having a huge issue with my gnex. My phone never seems to switch from 3g to 4g even though I know for sure I am in a 4g covered area. It will just stay in 3g. However if i restart the phone or toggle airplane mode. 4g will kick in. a) If i go from a 3g to 4g area, my phone is supposed to switch to 4g automatically right? b) If my phone is lets say downloading data on 3g, is it supposed to switch to 4g while downloading? or when its done downloading the file on 3g
thanks for replies, ive been trying to figure this out all week.

I should add that i am on 4. 0. 3 radios and axiom 2. 3 rom. i tried 4. 0. 2 radios but still have the same problem To use 4G on our network, you ll need to make sure you ve got the available for your phone.

You ll also need to in your area. If our 4G network isn t available in your location yet, you can check our list to see if we re. 4G data - allows you to use 4G for data using our 1800MHz spectrum. 4G Super-Voice - allows signal to travel further into buildings using our lower frequency spectrum.

It ll let you make calls and texts in places you might not have been able to before.

Check out our for more information on making calls over 4G. You should make sure that 4G is enabled on your phone. If for some reason you decide you don t want to use 4G yet, you can also disable 4G on your phone. To enable or disable 4G on your phone:

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