why do you need muscular endurance in basketball

Basketball is a game of movement. Except during timeouts and stoppages in play for rule violations, the game is in constant motion. Effective basketball players work extremely hard to develop the type of muscle strength needed to build up the endurance and stamina needed to successfully compete at a high level. A weak body means that you will likely be a weak basketball player. Muscular strength is important because it will improve your performance on the basketball court. When you think about the muscles needed to become a successful basketball player, you may not think of your heart and lungs. Exercising directs blood flow toward muscles that are being used and that blood travels back to the heart more quickly than it does while you are at rest, enlarging the left ventricle and putting less stress on your body. Blood is also being pumped to and from your lungs at an elevated rate via your pulmonary blood vessels, increasing lung capacity and, thus, increasing your overall stamina and endurance. Developing your leg muscles through exercises such as squats, lunges, jumps, calf raises and sprints can greatly increase your speed, agility and your ability to jump. Each of these attributes are vitally important to becoming a successful basketball player. Strong leg muscles often translate into explosiveness and will allow you to stop and change directions quickly.

This quickness can set you apart from slower opponents by allowing you to play more effective defense and get to the basket more easily on offense
Success in basketball depends greatly on your ability to put the ball in the basket. Leg strength, upper body strength and even fingertip strength all dictate how well you shoot the basketball. Developing muscle strength in your shoulders, wrists and fingertips will allow you to shoot the ball from further away with greater accuracy and less effort. Increased shooting range makes it harder for the defense to guard you and easier for you to score points. Basketball is a very physically demanding sport. Preventing injuries may be the most important reason to build muscle. Muscle strength is important in basketball because while gaining strength, speed and endurance, you are also strengthening tendons and ligaments which will reduce the chances of injuries, such as sprains and tears. According to Alan Stein, strength and conditioning coach at Dematha Catholic High School in Maryland, a productive in-season program can take as little as 20 minutes twice a week. Endurance, strength and speed are all keys to good performance, but the combination of endurance and strength creates muscular endurance, allowing an athlete to perform multiple repetitions against resistance for a long period of time.

Sports such as distance running, rowing, cycling and-cross country skiing require significant muscular endurance. Understanding the importance of muscular endurance can lead you to better overall performance while participating in your sport. Strong, healthy muscles will help you go the distance, no matter which athletic event you participate in. Read more: The type of muscular endurance that you need to develop depends on which sport in which you participate. In many cases, athletes need to build more than one type of muscular endurance. Power endurance: Baseball players, sprinters, wrestlers, tennis players and freestyle swimmers all must producer powerful movements and repeat them time and again for success. Having power endurance means the athlete can create that necessary power with each movement. With training, power endurance can be converted into explosive power, which helps the athlete resist fatigue during these repetitive efforts. Short-term muscular endurance: Sports that require short, intense bursts of activity require an athlete to have short-term muscular endurance.

These sports include sprinting, football and soccer. With training, short-term endurance lets the players deal with fatigue and lactic acid build-up in the muscles. Long-term muscular endurance: Marathoners, rowers, basketball players and other athletes with games or races that last more than a couple of minutes at a time need long-term muscular endurance. When building this type of endurance, light loads are used so the player can continue to endure for a significant period of time. Push-ups and planks help build muscular endurance. Building endurance takes a more significant commitment than building strength, as it requires you to push your muscles over and over to build that endurance. However, boosting your strength is vital to improving muscular endurance. To work on both, do three to four times a week. These back-to-back style of workout tax your muscles, both in strength and in endurance. An example of a circuit workout might be: One minute of ab exercises, such as a crunch or plank; Repeat three times. One minute of a move might sound easy; however, you must do these back-to-back without any resting periodвthat means 9 straight minutes of pushing your muscles before you can take a break. This builds both strength and muscular endurance. Read more:

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