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why do you need more memory on xbox

To use external storage with Xbox One games and apps, your hard drive must:
Connect via USB 3. 0 When you first connect, Xbox will prompt you to format your device. You can use it for Xbox games and apps, or for personal media such as pictures, music, and video. (Xbox will treat devices that dont meet the above requirements as media storage. ) If your Xbox doesnt recognize your external drive, see. Note Xbox will recognize only two external drives at one time. If you cancel formatting when you connect a storage device, you can set it up later: Open the guide and select System Settings System Storage. Select your device, and then select Format for games apps. Every Xbox One comes with a 500 GB hard drive, but with game sizes bulking up to 60 GB and beyond, youre probably going to run out of space sooner rather than later.

And that goes double for , who get free digital games each month. To see how much hard drive space you have left, select My Games Apps from the home screen. On the left, youll see exactly how much space you have left on your Xbox Ones internal hard drive. If youve downloaded a handful of big games, youre probably starting to run low. Thankfully, youre not stuck with that tiny hard drive. You can expand your storage capabilities to your hearts content, and its so easy even a technophobe can do it. Heres how. Sony makes it easy to replace the hard drive on a PlayStation 4, but thats not how Microsoft does things.

Its technically possible to swap out your Xbox Ones internal hard drive, but it requires you to open up your system, remove important components, and put everything back exactly the way you found it. It also violates your warranty. In other words, dont bother. Even if you do it correctly, a firmware update down the line may make your Xbox One unplayable. Its bad news all around, so dont do it. The easy, Microsoft-approved way to expand your Xbox Ones hard drive space is to add an external hard drive. This means youll be able to keep everything you have stored on the internal 500 GB hard drive while still adding as much extra storage space as you want.

To set up an external hard drive, you have to make sure it satisfies these requirements: It uses USB 3. 0 Once you have your external hard drive and youre sure you dont need anything thats on it, just plug it into a USB port on your Xbox One (theres one on the side and two on the back). It may take a moment, but the system will prompt you with a window that says Set up external storage? Select Format storage device, and the console will do the rest. Thats it. Its a cinch. And if you still manage to burn through all of your extra hard drive space, you can attach another external hard drive for even more space. Happy gaming. Follow Chris on Twitter Check out on Facebook!

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