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why do you want to be a photographer

Not too long ago we talked about. This got me thinking, what are the good reasons just to be a photographer? I love photography. It s changed my life for the better. A lot of people have cameras, but it s not a passion for everyone. For those who do care, here are some reasons why you should be happy to be a photographer. When you become a part of the photography world, you join an eclectic array of characters. Some are kind people and some are brilliant. Others are just fun to be around. There are a few bad seeds as well, but all in all though itвs a great group to be part of. There are a great many events to attend like Photo Plus Expo or Photoshop World where you can meet the people you talk to on Facebook or Google+. Somewhere there is a photowalk happening or just a few togs hanging in a forest seeing what they can find. In photography, you never have to be alone. A huge part of photography is about sharing your work. Whether you are selling your art or just putting the image on the web people will get to see it. You can seek critiques or even have gallery parties to show your work. Face it, if your images are stuck on your hard drive, what is the point? В Sharing your images with the right photographers will help you improve, get business and help you challenge yourself to take better photos. It will also give you something to talk about. There is always something to learn. You can never really get bored. There is always a new lens, a new technique, or a. ВThe world is ever-changing, as well as your subjects. All one has to do is stop take a moment,В
and look at your surroundings.

There is no reason to get bored in photography. One of the best things in photography is that itвs a skill that can be passed on. If you are the family type or want to give kids something to do, a camera is an excellent learning tool. Kids may not take it up as a career, but photography can be one of the things you can use to build their confidence to do well in other areas. As a photographer you donвt have to separate your passion they can be involved as well. Having something to share with your kids helps keep them out of trouble and you in their lives. Natural disasters ruin things, especially photos. You can help by assisting them create new memories or restore old ones. Photographers have many ways to give back to society in a positive manner if they are willing. With all the negative stuff going on in the world, itвs nice to do something good. Photographers have a great opportunity to take a fine look at the world around them. Whether they are looking at wild reminders of the ancient past, humbling moments in the present or hints of the future, photographer get to capture it all and share it. Regardless of whatВ it s for, photographers are in a unique position to show people whatвs going on. Photography makes you want to get up and get out the house. The world is an interesting place with many thought-provoking subjects. If you stay in the house, you miss things. Photography makes you want to go out and see the world. There is a lot to see, especially when looking through a camera lens. There is only so much a photographer can do at home.

We love to bring you guys the latest and greatest news and gear related stuff. However, we canвt keep doing that unless we have your continued support. If you would like to purchase any of the items mentioned, please do so by clicking our links first and then purchasing the items as we then get a small portion of the sale to help run the website. Also, please follow us onВ , В andВ. PhotographersPdont really have to work like normal people do. Many photographers hear that line more often than they d like, I imagine. People who aren t in the industry think photographers arePsoPluckyPto be in a business where theyPget to take pictures all day. It becomes harder and harder toPregularly engage in discussions about photography as aPcareer choice. What they don t realize is thatPthe career of a professional photographer is excitingPto say the least. PPFrom photographing those precious momentsPat a weddingPto photographing the Northern lights in a matter of months and goingPfrom a minimum wage income to a 6 figure salary in less than a year. A professional photographer is truly fortunate. There are a number of reasonsPthat make photography a great career choice. PI ve put together 11 of the ones I like most, even though many more could ve been added. Capture A Memory That Will Last Forever APphoto can capture a moment, and it ll last forever. You re the one that captures that moment! I think a lot of peoplePtake this idea for grantedPbeing that photography isPso accessiblePthese days. Almost Every Photographer Finds Their True Path You don t have to decide immediately whatPtype of photographer you are, take your time.

While you may like shooting landscapes, you may be more interested in wedding, boudoir, commercial or even portrait photography. You get to decidePwhat segment of photography fits you best. Clients Will Buy Into Your Vision Your clients will be more than happy to let you express your individuality. The reason why they chose you over your competition is because they share your sense ofPstyle and vision. Don t change who you are and be true to yourself. Which leads me to my next point. Create Your Portfolio This is where you get to show off who you are and what your style is. Don t rush and do a half-ass job. Create a portfolio that standsPout from the rest, while keeping true to your style and who you are. You re in control of how others perceive your artistry. You Get To Tell A Story A photographer gets to tell a story through images. Those images are thePdocumentation of important moments in someones life, or an adventure you ve been on. It s with these images people get to relive the moments that truly matter. P Photography Will Take You Places Whether you are a destination photographer or a landscape photographer, photography will take you places you ve never been to. This brings business trips to a whole new level. Instead of corporate meetings, you ll be photographing moments. You Work When You Want You are your own boss! PWant to take some time off? Need to spend more time with the family? Sure, go ahead. Who s going to tell you otherwise? How awesome is that?

You re in complete control of your time. You Get To Keep Learning Like any industry, photography is always evolving. There s always new gear coming out, new lighting techniques to learn, more editing tricks for you to learn this can go on and on. Learning something new keeps you interested in what you re doing. You re not staying in one place. PYou Get To Go To Photography Conferences Unlike corporate conferences, photography conferences are a lot of fun! No matter where you are in the world, you llPbe able to find one that interests you the most. What s great about photography conferences is that not only do you get to learn from your peers, but you get to network with other photographers as well. You never know when you ll need someone to cover for you, or when they ll need someone covering for them. Every Day Is Different No two days are alike in photography. One day you ll be out drinking champagne with the bride and groom and the next day you ll be editing. Even if you have two weddings in one weekend, those two events won t be the same. You get to be at different places, see different faces and experience something different each and every time. Money I put this last because while it s not the reason photographers get into photography, no one wants to starve. While some photographers may not agree, mostPothers will tell you there s good money to be made in this industry. You get to set the price and handle allPyour bookings. What are you waiting for? The time is now to pick up that camera and make some money! Being a photographer is awesome.

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