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why does my phone battery get hot

SOMETIMES YOUR PHONE will heat up a little. When it does, that just means itвs busier than usual and isnвt anything major to worry about. When it becomes prevalent, even when itвs dealing with basic everyday tasks, thatвs when it becomes a problem. A phone thatвs hot for too long can end up damaging it in the long run so itвs worth nipping it in the bud as soon as possible. The likely reason why this happens is because you have far too many apps running in the background, putting an unnecessary strain on your phoneвs CPU. Checking battery usage in settings can give you an idea of which apps are causing the problem, but you should go further than that.

What you want to find out is when your phone started overheating, and what apps you installed or updated during that time. If youвre an iPhone user, you can check the diagnostics section to see what apps have been crashing on your phone. There will be a few entries here already, but if a specific app keep appearing regularly, then itвs likely you have a problem with it.

If you want to keep it, itвs better to turn off background app refresh в both for offending apps and those you donвt use в and location settings so they only run when required. Otherwise remove it entirely. If youвre on Android and you feel this is too much work, downloading an app like
or can make the process a little easier. В Read:В Read:В ritain is basking (or boiling) in its biggest heat wave for years, one which may continue for the rest of the week.

If you have ventured outside a safely air-conditioned building, you may have noticed that as well as the risk of dehydration and sunburn, your phone might have lost some of its power, and be draining battery faster than usual. Most portable electronics but especially smartphones, which tightly pack a collection of powerful components into a metal or plastic frame, are easily affected by the weather. Performance can suffer, battery life can drop like a stone, and in extreme circumstances batteries can catch fire.

Why do phones get hot? Most smartphones are designed to work even on hot days. Apple, for example, states that the iPhone is designed to work in ambient temperatures of between 0 and 35 degrees celcius, meaning it should in theory get through this weekвs heatwave. However, certain conditions or processes can make this worse. The most common ones are direct sunlight and running programs that are either processor or screen intensive - these include playing games, watching video and using sat-nav systems.

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