why do you want to be a nursery nurse

What is a nursery nurse? A nursery nurse works with young children - ranging in age from birth to around seven - helping them to develop and learn. Nursery nurses work in state-run day nurseries, privately-run nurseries, family centres (such as Sure Start childrenвs centres), primary schools (in the Early Years stage) and hospitals. They can also work for families as nannies. Taking care of young children - playing with them, as well as feeding and changing them. Planning activities - such as singing, cooking, arts and crafts - to encourage childrenвs development. Reading stories and providing other activities to develop language skills. Helping children to learn number skills, eg using counting games. Keeping records of childrenвs progress and sharing that information with parents. Being aware of health and safety and making sure children are safe - and reporting any concerns (such as signs of abuse). Why might I want to become a nursery nurse? If youвre looking for a job to do while your children are growing up, being a nursery nurse might possibly suit you.

The skills required will be many of the ones you have acquired as a parent. Also, some nursery nurse jobs are flexible (eg part-time and full-time roles), and some will be term time only. For these reasons, being a nursery nurse can fit in well with parenting your own children while theyвre still at school. And working as a nursery nurse can open up a wide range of opportunities when your children are older - for example, you might get a full-time job in a hospital, or go on to work as a nanny. How do I become a nursery nurse? Youвll need to train at college to become a nursery nurse. There are several routes you can follow (eg NVQ, GNVQ and BTEC qualifications) but the main qualification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB) Diploma in Nursery Nursing (which is a two-year course if you do it full time, or three or four years part time). In Scotland, you can take a National Certificate or National Qualification course in childcare, which lasts one year, and then spend a further year doing a Higher National Certificate in Early Education and Childcare.

Entry requirements can vary and some course providers may prefer you to have three or four GCSEs (A-C) or equivalent qualifications. You should check with each college for their exact requirements. energy, patience, enthusiasm and kindness
A college will also be looking for practical experience. Raising your own children will obviously be highly relevant, and it would help if youвve also done voluntary work around children (perhaps youвve run an activity for children in your local neighbourhood or been a volunteer at your childвs school). You may be able to find work in a nursery as a trainee and attend college part-time to work towards qualifications, which could be helpful as a parent. And, as with all jobs which involve working with children, youвll need to have a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check in place before you can work as a nursery nurse.

Nursery nurses care for nursery-level children. If hired by schools, they collaborate with teachers to provide care for children. If hired by private families, their job might be to provide care while parents are away. Refer to the following example for preparing for your upcoming interview as a nursery nurse. Question: Describe the general duties you perform as a nursery nurse. Answer: В Some duties depend on where you work, so specify that. More generally, nursery nurses help children learn and develop cognitively and socially. Other simpler tasks include feeding or helping with meals, dressing, maintaining hygiene, etc. Question: Do you believe you have the qualities a nursery nurse needs? Answer: В Do not hesitate to answer positively, but in a thoughtful manner. Nursery nurses are people who are able to relate to children and communicate with them effectively. They have patience and can adapt to the childrenвs behavior, moods, and tantrums.

Nurses are playful and lovable. Question: Do you have administrative experience? Answer : Typical duties in this case include keeping medical records, contributing information to these records, acquiring and maintaining learning materials on health, composing original material and disseminating it in class. Question: Do you have the physical stamina to work with children? Answer: В Work with small children can indeed be physically challenging. A nursery nurse is typically able to walk a lot, run, carry children and equipment, and play physically demanding games with children. Question: What is your previous experience working with children? Answer: В If itвs nursery work в mention it by all means. But other types of experience are also welcome instead of or in addition to nursery work. Depending on the type of person you are and your age, valid previous experience could be anything from babysitting during summer vacations to working in the childrenвs sector in a hospital.

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