why do we struggle with beauty and body image

In this article, it discusses all sides of an eating disorder. Many women today look to media, to see how they're suppose to look. The media is telling them that their bodies need to be fixed, that they need to be skinnier and younger looking. Currently, American women have a stronger issue with eating disorders than any other area. Here women see tv aids or build boards advertising ways to get skinnier, or just showing off the body of a model probably suffering from an eating disorder. In other countries, it may not be as common because they aren't as well off and not as many people see the media on a daily basis, but it is there.

In America, plastic surgery has become a huge success. It plays off of women's dissatisfaction with their bodies. Women see an opportunity to fix something they don't like and they do it. As long as she has the means, she can change everything she hates about her body. This is just going to end in her constantly finding things about herself that she doesn't like. Women shouldn't need to feel the need the constantly fix themselves, when their perfectly fine as they are, but the media continues to influence one generation after the next.

Anderson, Tamera. Why Do We Struggle With Beauty and Body Image? Biola Magazine Article. Biola, 2007. Web. 06 Apr. 2014.
The article is about body image, how people are affected by the western culture. There is eating disorder heard around the world however most cases are heard in western culture compare to any other countries. Women see on media what is considered to be healthy and sexy. She says that the media industry is built on you re not ok the way you are. We ll make you better.

How fast the media and the definition of beauty has come to change. Media influences the development of eating disorders, Women become so desperate to go under the knife to try to make themselves happier. The theory of fixing the issue they see will never sold their unresolved issues. Many women who are influenced by the media are suicidal, depressed and in a horrible place in life. P Even families are influence and the sad thing is that adults influence bad body image ideas. The interviewPquestions where made and askedPby Biola s magazine for Tara Anderson.

Tara Anderson is a professor in Biola s Rosemead school of psychology. She has been in clinical practice for the last 16 years. She specializes in eating disorders at an inpatient hospital. I will be using this in my research paper as how many ways a woman develops body image issues. As well as how the media influence has changed from u need to gain weight, do you need to lose weight? As well as her insight on how models see themselves and how they might appear happy on the outside, however that s might not be the case.

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