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why do you get higher when you cough

So, awhile ago we set up a poll asking our readers if they thought that they get more high when they cough while smoking makes. It seems like 78% of us feel that coughing gets us more high, while 17% say it doesn t, and 5% apparently have never coughed while smoking. Now, here are some things to consider which might justify some truth behind this marijuana myth. When you smoke marijuana, the main ingredient which gets you high is the chemical THC. Good old Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. When the THC reachesPapproximatelyP301 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes active (CBD at 403 F and CBN at 415 F). This is the reaction that occurs when you light a joint or a blunt, torch a bong, or use a vaporizer. In a joint, for example, the paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit which is a major them in the book Fahrenheit 451. Or in the case of a bong or a bowl where you are using a butane lighter which burns around 550 degrees Fahrenheit. So, depending on the person and the size of thePapparatusPyou are smoking out of, everyone will take in a different amount of smoke on any given toke of the sacred herb. When you cough, your lungs are gasping for air, its an instinct which has stuck with us from our time as reptiles millions of years ago. When you cough, your lungs expand, and certain areas of your lung are exposed to smoke that wouldn t have been had you not coughed.

So, you might not get as high taking a hit from a joint that makes you cough as you would from a hit from a bong. But, the best way to utilize any given hit is to maximize the amount THC that you absorb. This can be easily achieved by coughing and increasing the surface area in your lungs that can absorb the THC, or by holding in the hit. We have also been looking in to what the ideal amount of time is to hold in a hit. Let us know what youPthinkPit is, by voting in. And, to vote in the coughing poll,. fb_iframe_widget { vertical-align: top! important; margin-left: 16px! important; }
The Cannabis Cough: Does it Really Get You Higher? Many have heard the term smoker s cough in reference to people that have an ongoing, lingering cough from years of smoking tobacco. But those who aren t strangers to smoking marijuana are also familiar with the cannabis cough. It s fairly common for marijuana users to experience a tickle in the back of their throat causing them to cough after inhalation. There is one long-standing debate, however, within the marijuana community on whether or not coughing while smoking cannabis actually gets you higher. The answer may not be as cut and dry as you think. What Happens During a Cannabis Cough? The physical act of coughing itself involves expelling air from your lungs in a very large burst.

Since the inhalation of smoke from a marijuana joint is the way you get high, theres physically no way to get high from coughing. However, coughing and smoking marijuana have a close connection. Smoking, in general, irritates your lungs and generates the need to cough. This is particularly true for inexperienced smokers, who aren tPacclimated to the sensation ofPbreathing in smoke. Marijuana smoke contains microscopic liquid particles that irritate the lungs, forcing you to cough in order to expel the irritant. Heat and lung capacity, too, contribute to a cannabis cough. The lungs are sensitive to heat in addition to particulate irritants, which can compound the effect of smoking-related coughing fitsPand can be mitigated by smoking through a water-based inhalation system, such as a bong. In addition, inhaling too much smoke at one time will cause your lungs to force the excess out through extensive coughing. Aside from the physical act of coughing, coughing fits while smoking marijuana could possibly produce the sensation of a more intense high. So How Does This Work? It has been suggested that the preparation that your body undergoes in order to begin coughing is the activity that actually helps you to get higher. The main idea is that the sharp inhale that occurs before a cough promotes greater smoke intake, which may expose your lungs to an increased amount of cannabinoids and THC. Additionally, its possible that because a coughing fit causes you to sputter and the lungs to repeatedly compress, the lack of oxygen to your brain helps to simulate some of the feelings that you get while high.

A drop in blood pressure, dizziness, and lightheadedness accompanied with this lack of oxygen accents some of the feelings of obtaining a high from marijuana use. Overall, discussions surrounding the cannabis cough theory are mostly speculation at this point. More often than not, the extra kick in an individual s high is caused by the mechanics of a cough itself. Whether this is true or not, it s important to remember that if you continue to have excessive coughing fits while smoking, that is your body telling you to slow down or take a break. The most effective way of experiencing an enhanced high is by discussing your strain options, a method of smoking, and dosage of marijuana with your doctor. The medical professionals at MedWell Health Wellness Centers can help you determine what strain and dosage of medical cannabis workPthe best for your specific ailment. If you re a new patient considering medical marijuana as a treatment option or you are an existing patient that needs a simple certification renewal, contact our office in Brockton, Massachusetts at (774) 517-5195.

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why do you cough when you smoke weed
why do you cough when you smoke
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