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why do you get high from weed

The are also signs of recent use. As the Foundation for a Drug-Free World notes, the following are some common physical side effects associated with marijuana use:
Marijuana is not only a popular drug; it is an evolving one. The warns that the potency of marijuana has been on the rise for the last few decades. The increased potency mainly stems from the ability of marijuana cultivators to continually create new, more powerful strains. It is important to understand that marijuana use can lead to addiction. There are two main components of physical dependence on marijuana.

First, regular users will develop a tolerance, which means that over time, they will require a higher volume of marijuana to experience the desired familiar effects. Second, if regular users stop or significantly reduce use, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. Although marijuana withdrawal is generally considered to be mild, effects can include irritability or anxiety. In heavy users, can include cravings for marijuana, trouble sleeping, irritability, anxiety, and boredom. To avoid these symptoms, or to get a reprieve from them, some people who thought they were done with marijuana decide to resume use.

Individuals who are concerned that someone they care about is abusing marijuana should be advised that this drug invites. Uncharacteristically risky or reckless behavior may be a sign that marijuana use or other drug use is occurring. Some of the risky behaviors associated with marijuana include: Conflicts, public fights, or relationship problems When marijuana users continue to use this drug despite negative outcomes or acute problems, they may be in the grip of addiction.

That's because when cannabis grows, it doesn't produce THC, the psychoactive compound commonly associated with the plant. Instead, it produces tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCa. In fact, the high-THC cannabis you buy at the store, despite the labeling, has very little THC in it. When you see the THC percentage listed on a strain at the shop, someone's done a little math for you, understanding that the extra carbon ring accounts for 13 percent of a THCa molecule's total mass and calculating how much THC will be yielded after it's converted.

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