why do women like to control men

Keymaster, your point about women not really wanting to control men is spot on. P I think this attempting control thing is part of their damn convoluted s~~~ test system. P You get controlled then you fail, and maybe you become an orbiting Mangina place holder while she waits for her alpha should you allow it. P There are exceptions who do like to really control men though such as the ones with Borderline personality disorder or brainwashed true feminists so we have to watch out for these types of harrigans. I m going to offer up for case study the biggest Mangina that I personally know. P He used to slay the babes(Love that word, don t you you feminazis)P back in high school. P He was totally in control and everyone both male and female respected him. P Then he met his current wife at about age 20. P Over time she has incrementally reduced him into a husk of his former self. P He does not work anymore, but she brings home the six figure bacon while he dances to her tune. His wife and her sister currently have him raising two of his wife s whore niece s illegitimate children. P The oldest is 20 odd months and then the second one is around four months old. P Yes, Mr. Mangina diaper changing mom is what he is tending the results of what happens when the cut and run alpha studs deposit their seed into his wife s niece.

P Actually, the kids are better off with him as babymama is a stripper and the babydaddys are God knows what or where. P The oldest even calls him Daddy. P Our social circle is in awe of how low our friend has sunk. His wife will reward him with cars etc as long as he obeys every one of her commands. P She is a maximum feminist too. P It s so bad that a mutual friend related a recent story where they were in a fast food restaurant trying to eat where he called her for permission in order to get something to eat with his friends. P Of course, she said no, and he sat there watching his two other friends eat. P I had a face plant moment over that one. P Even in my blue pill days, I never would have stooped that low. I think most women are as Keymaster stated not really wanting to control men to the Nth degree, but there is a segment that loves to control men. P Beware as you have now been warned. P This feminist version of equality that gets pumped 24/7/365 is a total crock. P Equality it s not. P It s more like revenge with a touch of evil thrown in for good measure.
Why are there controlling women out there? Why do some women control their husbands? Why do some women dominate men and control them? Why are there bossy women? I am sure you have noticed that there are some women out there who are control freaks.

Those women do their best to control their husband and to keep him under their control. Those women usually have the dominant role in the house and as a result the man is assigned the secondary role. In the house where the woman is a dominant figure if the kids want to ask for something then they must go to their mom instead of their dad. In this article i will tell you why some women control men or their husbands. The Woman was raised by a controlling mom: In one of my articles i explained how a monkey learned how to fear snakes when it saw another monkey becoming terrified when seeing a snake (see. Human beings can learn things in the same way, if a woman was raised in a house where her mother was the dominant and controlling figure in the family then the girl will grow up assuming that a woman should control her man. Insecure women might become control freaks: In the i said that when someone feels insecure he might start to control others in order to feel in control once again. Psychology is not a 1+1=2 science and so not every insecure woman will be a control freak but in some cases an insecure woman might try to feel secure by her environment and this includes controlling her husband. Masculine protest and controlling women: is a psychological term used to describe the case where a woman hates her feminine role as a result of feeling that its the inferior role (see ).

Some of these women turn into control freaks in order to assume the superior role which is the role of a man. Controlling women choose weak men: The previous point brings us to another very important point. Women who want to dominate men and control their husbands usually chose an easy target that can be controlled without much effort. This means that the woman who wants to control a man will look for a man who can easily be controlled Up until the previous paragraph i was talking about women who control their men directly by assuming the dominant role in the house however there are other indirect methods that some women use in order to control men without being bossy or appearing like a control freak. Some women control their husbands using sex: In such a case the controlling woman uses sex as a method to put pressure on her husband and to force him to comply to her demands. Some women control men by tears: Some women use tears to control men. They cry whenever a man refuses to comply to their demands and so make sure that they keep him under their control In short a woman can control a man either directly or using indirect methods such as the ones described above.

If you are the husband or the man who is suffering from these control attempts then you have one of two options. You should either help your woman understand the psychological needs that are motivating her to be a controlling women or you should either make her feel in control without complying to her demands. (see The first solution is not as easy as it sounds, no controlling woman will admit it before she becomes motivated to help herself. Some men do the mistake of trying to control their women by force and the result is a power struggle between them both that results in further problems. If the psychological make up of a woman made her a controlling woman then trying to force her to comply to orders will either make her feel broken or either motivate her to breakup with you. 2knowmysef is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see. The was launched by 2knowmyself. com; the program will either help you become more confident or give you your money back. Want to know more?

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