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why do you want to be a kindergarten teacher

People often assume that teaching Kindergarten classes is all about enforced cheerfulness and bodily fluids. They're not wrong, but it's only half the story. Here are five reasons why itвs actually the best job in education. If itвs a popularity contest в youвre winning In no other profession or educational stage will your colleagues (read: tiny humans you are charged with keeping alive) adore you with quite the same intensity as a class of four-year-olds. Constant expressions of this love may include gentle shoe-stroking and pictures of your stick figure alter ego surrounded by hearts. Treasure them. Just another day at the officeв Teaching Kindergarten means that you get to legitimately do things that would otherwise be considered eccentric for a woman in her thirties with a mortgage. Covered head to toe in glitter pretending to be a princess and singing
A Frog Went a Courting? Just doing my job. Reputation is everything Teaching Kindergarten lends you a certain untouchability in your private life. It doesnвt matter if you curse like a trooper, listen to death metal and own a dog called Satan: everyone will assume you are some Mary Poppins-esque paragon of innocence.

Use this to your advantage! Colds are for the weak! Spending every week day with, letвs be honest, tiny germ magnets, means that only the strong survive. After the first term you will shrug off infections with ease. Seriously, scientists should be doing tests to cure all known disease on your immune system. You get to make the biggest difference of all You provide the foundations that the rest of a childвs education will build on. Algebra and semi-colons are all very well but they can never produce the same thrill as teaching a child to read and write in the first place. Especially when they use their new-found skill to draw you a picture labelled "best teesher ever". Kate Townshend has been teaching in schools for more than 10 years. She tweets as Posted September 3, 2013 By csponline Give a child a head start in their education as a preschool teacherвjust one of the many careers in child development open to education professionals. Here are five reasons you should become a preschool teacher. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects tremendous occupational growth for educators who specialize in early education.

In fact, the BLS estimates a 25 percent growth in employment for preschool teachers through the next decade, which is faster than the national average. The driving demand for these teachers is assisted by the expected population increase of children ages 3 to 5. can work in a variety of settings. The top employer of preschool teachers is child day care services, which employ 30 percent of preschool teachers. Elementary and secondary schools employ 12 percent of todayвs preschool teachers while religious, professional and civic organizations employ another 17 percent. There are tremendous expectations placed on children entering kindergarten in regards to their academic, social and emotional development. Kindergarten readiness begins in preschool (sometimes sooner) and is crucial to the childвs classroom achievement later down the road. Preschool teachers help to support a childвs personal, academic and social progress at this crucial stage in their overall brain development. Basic competencies a preschool teacher will focus on in the classroom include the following: Supporting preschool children in these developmental areas will ensure they are prepared and ready for accelerated learning environments and will facilitate an enhanced educational experience.

Preschool teachers stand as a notable role model in a childвs early life. support children during a pivotal time of academic development and personal growth in and out of the classroom. Preschool is sometimes a childвs first time away from their parents for an extended period of time. It can be a scary endeavor for children; however, as a positive and calm preschool teacher, you can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety often associated with this milestone. Preschool is also often the first time children engage and socialize with other children. As a teacher, you facilitate relationship building exercises that help children bridge social gaps to make new friends and establish social skills. At this age, children learn best when they are having fun. Preschool teachers get to create entertaining, engaging and creative classrooms that promote learning as well as social, cognitive and emotional development.

В In fact, no day on the job will ever be the same when you enter one of the many. Learning milestones are broad and preschool teachers must look for ways to incorporate multiple subject areas into a singular lesson so it is important to be creative. You might act out a storybook one day or create a map of the U. S. out of dried pasta noodles the next. The key is to make sure all activities are educational and help children to progress in their academics, social skills, cognitive skills and emotional development. Teachers of all grades are valuable to society. Early childhood teachers work with children at the start of their educational journey and help them to understand and attain some of the most basic and foundational academic, social, cognitive and emotional concepts. Donвt ignore the call for early childhood education. If you have a passion for education and enjoy working with small children, consider a career as a preschool teacher. Earning a should be your first step if you decide to pursue a career as a preschool degree. A bachelorвs degree will improve your job prospects when searching for careers in child development.

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