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Over the last 12 years designing insanely cool spaces, we have continuously run into this question: БWhy should I hire anбinterior designer? БбArmed with the ability to order online, and an endless amount of decorating advice, itБs no wonder homeowners question the value. At the risk of shameless self-promotion, we wanted to share with you a few reasons why hiring an interior designer is quite possibly the smartest thing you can do to:
Save money Save time (hundreds of research hours) Eliminate headaches Create feel-good spaces that are totally you Money, Money, Money Designers arenБt only for the rich and famous. б Using someone who understands how spaces flow together, how to combine fabrics, and how furniture placement affects conversation, is insurance against having to replace or return. You donБt want to screw up sofas, sinks, bathtubs, tile, or appliances. The БfixБ is expensive. We have resources at our fingertips that you wouldnБt dream of. We know which lines are the Бbest bang for your buckБ and where you can save to make room for higher-priced dream pieces. We keep you on budget with your builder and architect. There are thousands of decisions to make and a designer can steer you towards the right materials, finishes, fixtures, in an instant. After several intense months of designing and planning, there is an inevitableб slump. Decisions become overwhelming and you lose the excitement. Interior designers (among many б other things) are professional cheerleaders. We maintain excitement, intrigue and momentum so it doesnБt take twice as long and cost twice as much. We tap into the things that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning and help you visualize the finished space. Time, Time, Time There are a myriad ways we help save time throughout the life of a project. thousands of hours researching and perfecting our craft and in 15 minutes can find what would take you 20 hours.

Between your architect and builder, you will send and receive thousands of emails over the lifetime of a project. An interior designer can eliminate half of those by acting as a liaison between you and them. immediate answers and resources, which means the project will be completed on time and on schedule. Starting with a design teamБarchitect, contractor, interior designerБfrom the beginning is going to save a ton of headaches. Hiring a designer at the start of a project makes the process more fun and removes a layer of stress, and heads off design misses, details and mistakes overlooked in an architectural plan. We think about how furniture placement will affect electrical outlets, and how natural and artificial light create the right mood. These are big ticket items you want done right the first time. We all have different needs/wants/dreams, so why settle for making your home look like a Crate Barrel catalog. However, bringing all of your dream ideas together is harder than it looks. To combine ideas in a cohesive way that is collected and pulled together, takes experience, talent and insight. LetБs put it this way. You wouldnБt throw a dinner party for 20 people by randomly grabbing ingredients at the grocery store, throwing them into a pot and Бseeing what happens. Б The same goes with designing a room. Interior designers have been through thousands of hours of training and research. We think differently than you or your architect. We understand comfort, flow between rooms, and devise creative ideas that enhance your quality of life. Your rooms should make you feel ecstatic, fabulous, inspired, energized. Instead of just buying a lot of Бthings or stuffБ we get to know how you live, what you love and can pull it all together in a way that delivers feel-good, high-energy, healthy spaces that are totally you.

WHY DO YOU NEED AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? You want an inviting home where you can relax in comfort and entertain in styleв a place that reflects your own personal tastes and lifestyle. Designers are professionals who have dedicated their entire careers to creating a special look for each customer. Space planning; selecting furnishings, floor coverings, accessories, window treatments, and lighting; coordinating color, texture and finishes adds a unique signature within a space. Designers can transform an undefined palette into the vision you are dreaming of owning. WHY SHOULD YOU HIRE A DESIGNER? Designers specialize exclusively in residential and commercial interior design. Each designer utilizes their education and experience in their specialized field to provide a finished look that reflects a professional touch. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A DESIGNER? One-third artist, one-third business professional, and one-third circus ringmaster; an interior is more than just a pretty face with an eye for beauty. From sketching, designing, and arranging beautiful spaces to shopping for furniture and household accessories to coordinating with architects, electricians, plumbers, installers and delivery men; the demands for each job require a wide spectrum of ability to complete a wide range of tasks on time as well as, on budget. Professional recognition through a combination of education and experience insure that each designer meets the high standards established by many organizations such as IDS and ASID. Each organization designation indicates increasing levels of knowledge, training and ability in order to provide a safe, functional and beautifully designed home.

Our Designers skillfully combine artistry, project management, and knowledge of residential interior design into one profession. Each Interior Designer has access to current trends, resources and techniques that can enhance a room, a loft, or an entire house. Our Designers can take an individual dream and turn it into reality. HOW LONG SHOULD IT TAKE FROM START TO FINISH? Each project is unique. Time requirements vary based on size of the project such as a simple room makeover or an entire home makeover. Other factors that affect the project timelines are the availability of furniture, fabrics, rugs or other items; scheduling meetings with the client. Our Designers will provide an estimated project schedule, projected budget and a contract for services as a professional agreement for their design services. YOUR MIND? Our Designers will provide a professional perspective to accentuate your taste and lifestyle. It is important that your home should reflect your preferences so that you look forward to living in your new surroundings. CAN YOU AFFORD THE SERVCES OF OUR DESIGNERS? Since your home is the highest valued purchase that you make in your lifetime, can you afford not to hire a designer? Most homeowners find that they save money hiring a designer since they have an extensive network of resources to handle every aspect of the design project. Our Designers work with their network to provide the level of quality you desire in your home within your budget. Frequently, Our Designers can also offer money saving advice and cost saving techniques. Additional savings are seen through the designer being on hand for deliveries, installations and construction projects therefore preventing costly mistakes. You save TIME and MONEY! Visit where we are members that specialize in interior design.

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