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why do you want to be a fundraiser for charities

Why do people raise money for charity? We asked our fundraisers to write in their answers and the results are in! Here are the top five reasons that drive people to fundraise:
1. They want to support a particular charity The Pis to support a particular charity close to the fundraiser s heart: they know who they want to raise money for and they are motivated to do it. 2. They are inspired by a person or people Whether it be a parent, child, friend, colleague or family member, a personal connection drives people to fundraise. Fundraising in memory is a big part of this motivating factor as well people fundraise to honour someone they loved. 3. To support aPcause People care deeply about their personal passions and look for charities that support their causes. It s not just about the charity itself the underlying cause is what really drives people. 4. To feel good Helping others, making a difference, and getting fit motivates fundraisers too. 5. To take part in an event Running a marathon, skydiving for the first time, or cycling the Alps is a great personal challenge.

AndPif fundraisers can raise money for charity while they re at it, even better. There are lots of other motivations behindPfundraising as well, including wanting to support local concerns, being part of a corporate group and for religious reasons. So what does this mean for your organisation? Firstly, remember that your supporters make great fundraisers. EncouragePyour committed donors to take on a fundraising challenge or event and ask them to get the message out there, such asPwhy your charity means so much to them. Also, think about your fundraising messaging. Remember, people don t only fundraise because they want to participate in the event:Phighlight your cause and how good fundraising feels. HavePyou got any inspiring fundraising stories to share? What motivates yourPsupporters to raise money for your cause? PShare your story below. P Fundraising is essential to so many charities. Without regular donations, they simply wouldnБt be able to function and carry out the good work that they do.

People fundraise for all kinds of reasons Б perhaps because they have been personally affected themselves by the good work that a particular charity does, or simply because they want to give something back. Here are our top ten reasons why you should help raise money for charity: 1. It doesnБt have to cost too much but anything helps! 2. It doesnБt have to take up a lot of time; in fact it should fit around you 3. It can be really easy to organise Б for some things you donБt even have to leave the house! 4. It can allow a wide group of people to participate, including work strapped parents and kids in school 5. It can be lots of fun! 6. You could learn a new hobby, meet new people or get fit while doing it 7. It will make you feel as if youБre taking part in something really special 8. You can do it with friends 9. It will make you feel great 10. Above all Б there is something to suit everyone. So now youБve got the motivation, here are a few ideas to get you started: Idea 1 Б One relatively easy way to raise funds for charity is to hold a bake sale.

These have long been a popular way to raise money and can be held almost anywhere; at work, playgroups and nurseries, schools, church groups, community centres Б the list goes on. Volunteers can bake an assortment of goodies such as cakes, tray bakes, muffins and biscuits which are sold to raise cash for the chosen charity. Idea 2 Б A bit more commitment but worth it. If youБre looking for a way to fundraise for a charity that will take a little more time and commitment, how about training for a 10k, half marathon or even a marathon? Not only will you get the satisfaction of doing something really good for charity, youБll also get fit and healthy at the same time. Some people love running. ItБs their hobby and as part of the motivation to keep pushing themselves they ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them. ItБs also great motivation for people who have never run before but want to get fit.

Asking people to sponsor them more or less forces them not to give up. Idea 3 Б Something fun. If getting hot and sweaty while pounding the pavements is not quite you, but you want to try something newer than a bake sale, you might be interested in Pink Friday. Participating in isnБt only fun, but you will be helping 888 Ladies raise their target of бе10,000 for Breast Cancer Care. It doesnБt matter if you have been affected by breast cancer yourself or you just want to have fun. All you have to do is join 888 Ladies and play in their бе2,000 Pink Friday Games. There is бе4,000 in total of jackpot prizes to be won and all profits from these games will be donated to the Breast Cancer Care organisation. It takes place on 17th and 24th October at 9pm. Have a look for yourself on 888ladies or like their for more details. So there you have it. It doesnБt matter what your motivation is or how you would prefer to do it, there are plenty of ways to raise money for the charity of your choice.

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