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why do you get hangovers as you get older

If you can muster the energy in between swigs of Gatorade, you can put some of the hangover blame on your prefrontal cortex. In our early twenties, our brains are good at doling out rewards but not so great at chastising us for irresponsible decisions. However, in our mid-twenties, the Б
Б parts of our brain reach maturity and begin punishing us for bad choices - like, perhaps, break-of-dawning it with friends instead of indulging in a couple episodes of and a responsible bedtime.

This mature brain, combined with the actual, adult responsibilities that wicked hangovers can prevent us from getting done, kind of rains on the drinkie parade. Q. It seems like my hangovers are much worse now that I am older, 42, to the point I canБt even have one drink without feeling listless the next day. What can I do, besides drinking water while drinking alcohol, to improve the situation?

A. The real БproblemБ might be that youБre drinking less as you age, which reduces your tolerance for alcohol, said Lara Ray, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, who researches alcoholism. Someone with the self-image of a partying twentysomething but the lifestyle of a responsible 42-year-old may simply have lost the tolerance for a lot of alcohol, she said. БAge may be a proxy for regularity of drinking,Б Dr.

Ray said. БIf you havenБt gone to a party for two to three weeks, it might be less about being 40 and more about your drinking history. Б Also, as we age, we lose muscle mass, replacing it with fat. The same drink will cause more intoxication in a body with a higher fat content compared with a leaner one, she said. But this tends to be true more for people over 65 than over 40, she said.

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