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why do you get double vision when drunk

Yes, drunk will cause double vision. As you are drunk, the alcohol in your body will interfere the intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and weaken your eye muscle coordination. Furthermore, alcohol affect the brain stem and the nerves that control your eye movements and tracking. Thus slows down the active of brain so you can't get the eyes tracking on something quickly and then cause double vision. Besides, alcohol contains too much stimulating elements inside which may irritate the tiny blood vessels on the surface of the eye, and make your sclera to become dilated and inflamed. These irritations depletes the nutrients of brains and eyes, which can impair eyesight and even lead to blindness. In all, drinking alcohol will not only cause double vision and damage your brain, but also do great harm to your other organs like liver, heart, skin and so on. Therefore, you'd better control it for your own health.

Yes, drunk can cause double vision. Double vision occurs when the brain cannot combine the images from each of the eyes into a single image. When you are drunk, the alcohol in your body can slow down your brain so that you can not combine the images from each of the eyes into a single image, and you can't get the eyes tracking on something quickly. To avoid double vision caused by drinking, you should limit yourself on alcohol taking everyday and that's really good for you! I guess that most people have known that alcohol affects nerves in our brain and body system which govern our eye movements. A study from Indian has shown that alcohol can slow down the brain. So you will not get the eyes tracking on something quickly. Then we miss the right time and you are refused to get a single image when get drunk, exactly when you drink.

In addition, alcohol not only affects vision, but also affects our body reaction. When you get drunk, you cannot handle emergency situations so that you may hurt yourselves, even loss your life, so all countries forbid driving after drinking. By the way, alcohol does harmful to people's liver and it is also the most commonly cause of alcoholic liver. Now you have known why to get double vision and the bad effects of alcohol. Can you still wanna like so?
Why do I see double when I get really drunk? Only if you have two eyes will you see double when you are drunk. Does that give you a clue? Have you considered that alcohol is (1) a depressant, slowing neurological impulses which control muscles; and since your eye movements are controlled by said muscles, perhaps they just aren't moving and focusing with their non-inebriated alacrity? (2) Alcohol is also a toxin, and affects the way the impulses from the optic nerves are processed by your brain; the more pissed you are, the poorer your brain is at decoding those optic nerve impulses.

Sorry to confuse the issue, Ross, but having two eyes is nothing to do with *my* double vision - it's perfectly possible to have double vision in each eye independently. In my case it's an optic nerve defect, and I have different degrees of "variation" in each eye (estimated by my optician to be a relatively common occurrence, it's only because it's quite severe that I ever noticed it. I have been coping with it my whole life and am able to drive). This can be illustrated quite clearly when I close one eye and plot the two perceived images of an object onto a transparent sheet - with the other eye there are 2 different and distinct images, making a total of 4. I tend not to get drunk if I can help it.

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