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why do you need a hdmi cable for xbox 360

The audio adapter cable can be used with the HDMI cable. If both cables are plugged in, the Xbox 360 console transmits audio over the audio adapter and video over the HDMI cable. This gives you flexibility if you want to connect the HDMI port to your HDTV, and you want to route audio to a non-HDMI device.

Note The Xbox 360 S console features a TOSLINK input jack on the back of the console. With this console, you do not have to use the audio adapter for digital audio. However, either connection method will work in the same manner.
Connect the connectors on the component HD A/V cable to the corresponding color input jacks on the TV. On a high-definition TV, if the cable has a yellow RCA composite video connector, leave it disconnected.

Note To connect to a standard TV, use only the yellow, red, and white connectors. Do not use the other connectors. Connect the A/V connector on the component HD A/V cable to the A/V port on the console.

Turn on the TV and console. Notes If you donвt see the Xbox Dashboard when you turn on your TV and console, you might need to select the. The console automatically uses the default display settings. If you want to try to improve the video display, you can on the console.

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