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why do you want to attend summer school

ItБs February: itБs cold, itБs grey and itБs exam season three reasons why you are probably already looking ahead to that wonderful long summer break. So why not put some of that wishful thinking to good use and start thinking about your options for 2017 summer schools? Not yet convinced a summer school is right for you? Well, donБt close this browser just yet. Sit back, get a cup of tea, and take a read of our top 3 reasons for why you should hit that БenrolБ button. 1. Give a boost to your CV
LetБs start with the boring bit. As any HR recruiter will tell you, б attending a summer school can be seen by employers as a big gold star on your resumц. This is because participating in a school shows employers that you are a proactive individual someone who is not afraid to go the extra mile to learn more about a subject they are passionate about. Whatsmore, summer schools also provide the perfect opportunity to spend a few intensive days or weeks building key skills that are valued by employers. As a summer school participant, you will find yourself in a completely new environment, grouped together with people you have probably never met before and asked to complete a series of group challenges. This experience is a sure-fire way to put your skills in communication, teamwork, and problem solving to the test. , these represent some of the top skills that employers value in their staff, so definitely worth investing in! 2. Gain valuable and practical insight into the subject Summer schools gain their credibility by being hosted by people who have expert knowledge about a particular subject.

If it is an academic summer camp that you are after, this usually includes renowned professors from prestigious institutions, many of whom have written books on the subject. If you are more tempted by a professional summer camp, there are sure to be some of the best and brightest who have already worked in the industry you are interested in. The opportunity to be taught by such experts thereby provides you with the unique opportunity to ask specific questions and receive personalised advice. This could be related to a specific aspect of the subject that interests you, about the path those professionals took to make it to the top, or for tips on how you can make the right first steps on your own careerб ladder. By attending a summer school, you will therefore often gain more valuable and practical knowledge about your interestsб during one week than you would from a year of your heads stuck in the books. 3. Grow your international network After all, summer schools are most definitely not all work and no play! Spending a week (or longer) working and socialising with like-minded people is a sure way to spark some meaningful connections and friendships. Whatsmore, summer schools are international by their very nature. Takingб place in major cities, attracting young people from all over the world, you are sure to be surrounded by interesting people from a whole specturm of backgrounds and cultures. This experience will not only help you learn a lot and broaden your horizons, but such connections are also bound to come in handy in the future. Whether this be professionally (you never know who may haveб a contact at that international company that has always interested you ) Or socially who doesnБt want the excuse to visit that friend you made from the South of France?

Moreover, if English is not your first language, mixing with an international crowd is also a great and fun way of developing your competency in the languageБ something that will always come in useful to you in the future! So now we have you all fired up and motivated, why not check out the details ofб ourб very own? Pride aside, the EACA International Advertising Summer School is definitely the perfect fit for any student with an interest in commercial communications Б regardless of whether this is directly linked to your studies. With a full programme of lectures and workshops delivered by leading industry professionals such as Steve Henry (the youngest person to be included in Campaign magazineБs Hall of Fame), and Siobhan Stanley (who has extensive experience at Saatchi Saatchi). In 2017, students will spend a week in Prague, between the 3-7 July, working in international teams to develop a campaign based on a real brief from the client, McDonalds. The cost for students from edcom member schools is 325EUR, and from non-member schools, 450EUR. You can find information about the full programme of activities. To apply, please send us your CV and a short motivation letter to inspire@eaca. eu. 10. Go back to school Summer is a great time for adult learners to go back to school to begin or complete a degree. Individuals can continue their education without sacrificing personal or professional obligations.

Class sizes are smaller which promotes more individualized attention and can help make the transition back to the classroom go smoother. 9. Try something new Summer School is a great time to explore your interests. During the fall and spring you may not be able to take courses that meet your interests. Attend Summer School and take a course in a new field or learn something new. 8. Start Early If you plan on attending Tougaloo College and you are graduating from high school in the spring or are ready to transfer from a community college, get a jump start on your Tougaloo education. Summer School can make the transition to Tougaloo easier. 7. Retake Classes Failing a class is never fun, and trying to retake the course when you have several other classes is really hard. Your knowledge of the subject will be stronger if you retake it immediately. If you attend Summer School you can choose to just take that one course. This will allow you to devote more time to the course and hopefully pass it. Also, summer courses are faster. You probably don't want to spend four months listening to the same lectures you have already listened to. You just need a brief rerun of the material that you struggled with in order to pass the course. Retaking failed college classes over the summer gives you this opportunity. 6. Great Time to Take Challenging Courses There are some courses that are a lot harder than others for different individuals. For example, if you have a hard time with math, you may want to take a math course during the summer.

This way, you'll be able to spend more time working on the subject and your instructor will be more accessible because there are fewer students. 5. Attend Summer School and get in a vacation or time at home Since Summer School is only 6 weeks, you still have 2-4 weeks to spend time at home, vacation or take advantage or other summer opportunities such as interns or study abroad trips. It is also a way to work and earn credit towards your degree because you only meet two days a week. Summer School is also available to visiting college students from other colleges and universities home for the summer. 4. Don't necessarily need to be on campus to "attend" Summer School Tougaloo College offers on-line courses as well as on-site offerings. So you do not physically have to be on-site to attend summer school. As long as you have a computer you can take summer courses from a location of your convenience. 3. Shorter If you are dreading taking a course you think will not be interesting to you, take it in the summer. You will only have to attend it for six weeks compared to 15 weeks. 2. Finish Degree Faster Attending Summer School will allow you to finish your degree faster than if you just attend in the fall and spring. If you want to finish your degree faster, consider taking courses year round and as many as you can handle. 1. Price Summer courses are actually cheaper than the fall or spring. If you are on a tight budget, summer is a great time to attend. Tuition is comparable to regional colleges and universities and at $132 per credit hours is a great value from a prestigious institution.

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