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why is ntfs more secure than fat32

Why NTFS is more secure than FAT32? October 29, 2010,
Why NTFS is more secure than FAT32? Microsoft s new technology file system is believed to be giving more security to the computer files than the FAT32 file system. The NTFS is found to have developed supporting features for metadata. It is known to have data structures to enhance the performance, security access control lists, using the disk space, and reliability. NTFS is also called journaling file system which is a critical function of a file system. The NTFS will not allow the unauthorized users to operate and make any changes. It also prevents them from reading any data from the computer. NTFS can transform the file information effectively and automatically into unreadable form. This encrypted file will be safely stored. NTFS is known to be away from corruption. It has the option to implement various security and administrative features in the operating system.

It is found to support domain names of active directory. The read and write permissions can be allotted at the level of files than folders. In this file system each individual user is allotted with separate disk space. This file system is found to be made to log the activity of file and is capable to manage recovering from crashes. NTFS is observed to allow the usage of Unicode character sets and helps in extending the file name till the length of 255 characters. NTFS form is found to be more advanced form of file system compared to FAT32. NTFS is designed to arrange more files per directory. NTFS allows transaction roll back which can allow you to undo the operations that were not performed. NTFS will fix automatically the file clusters that have failed. This file system does not need file system checking feature and does not need operating system maintenance.

The file cluster size partitioned, will be smaller than in FAT32. Hence, NTFS can be used to recover the data easily, to manually check the file system structure and to clean and scan the malware, when more data has to be stored and hidden; when the application needs the larger size files. Why is Oil Important? Why is MLA Citation Important? Actually, The way that NTFS is used by most persons is LESS secure than FAT32- Here is why- NTFS has "A relatively unknown compatibility feature", called Alte rnate Data Streams (ADS). Microsoft claims it was originally developed to be compatible with Mac systems. That use seems long past considering the fundamental changes to the Mac OS and equipment parity developed in recent years. ADS provides hackers (and unscrupulous companies, agencies and governments) with a method of hiding; root kits, hacker tools or any other information / programs.

This data can very possibly be executed without being detected by the systems administrator and / or MANY of the security tools in general use now. Yes that's correct - If used properly NTFS is a much better file system, but in this day and age where the boundaries between ad-ware and malware are blurred and when keeping digital products such as software is so difficult, NTFS is NOT used correctly by most home users or by many other "professional users". There are also seemingly safe software goods and products that at best can carry out hidden functions such as ID checking or program disablement to combat piracy. At worst these implementations can and have caused countess problems and data loss. Remember this hidden forked data can be put anywhere so a digital photo or song can also contain or later have added "alternate data streams". The file appears the same and is reported to be the same size with or without this extra stream.

Governments are also known to use this "feature" - There are legitimate uses for this file system feature, but I question why there is such little knowledge of even the existence's of alternate data streams by the general population This probably sounds like science fiction to some reading this, and it is a very biased view. My view is biased by what I've personally seen over the last 12+ years Google NTFS alternate data streams and take a peek, then get your hands some software that allows you to check for this type of information on your NTFS files. ADS is there, much of it is "ligit" - so use a program that will at least assist you in detecting "Questionable" information, for instance your personal information hidden in a photo or a song or somewhere you know you didn't put it or want it to be or executable files.

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