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why do we say white rabbits on 1st march

The exact origin of the superstition is unknown, though it was recorded in
"My two daughters are in the habit of saying 'Rabbits! ' on the first day of each month. The word must be spoken aloud, and be the first word said in the month. It brings luck for that month. Other children, I find, use the same formula. " In response to this note another contributor said that his daughter believed that the outcome would be a present, and that the word must be spoken up the chimney to be most effective; another pointed out that the word rabbit was often used in expletives, and suggested that the superstition may be a survival of the ancient belief in swearing as a means of avoiding evil. suggestive of the, thus linking the rabbit rabbit superstition to seasonal fertility. "Why," the man in the brown hat laughed at him, "I thought everybody knew 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. ' If you say 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit'three times, just like thatfirst thing in the morning on the first of the month, even before you say your prayers, you'll get a present before the end of the month. " Chapter 1 of the story The Mystery of the Emeralds (1962) is titled Rabbit!

Rabbit! and discusses the tradition: Trixie Belden awoke slowly, with the sound of a summer rain beating against her window. She half-opened her eyes, stretched her arms above her head, and then, catching sight of a large sign tied to the foot of her bed, yelled out, Rabbit! Rabbit! She bounced out of bed and ran out of her room and down the hall.

Ive finally done it! she cried [. ] Well, ever since I was Bobbys age Ive been trying to remember to say Rabbit! Rabbit! and make a wish just before going to sleep on the last night of the month. If you say it again in the morning, before youve said another word, your wish comes true. Trixie laughed. " In the United States the tradition appears especially well known in northern although, like all folklore, determining its exact area of distribution is difficult. The superstition may be related to the broader belief in the rabbit or hare being a "lucky" animal, as exhibited in the practice of carrying a for luck. During the mid-1990s, children's channel helped popularize the superstition in the United States as part of its "Nick Days," where during commercial breaks it would show an ad about the significance of the current date, whether it be an actual holiday, a largely uncelebrated unofficial holiday, or a made-up day if nothing else is going on that specific day. (The latter would be identified as a "Nickelodeon holiday. ") Nickelodeon would promote the last day of each month as "Rabbit Rabbit Day" and to remind kids to say it the next day, unless the last day of that specific month was an actual holiday, such as or.

This practice stopped by the late 1990s. Rabbits have not always been thought of as lucky, however. In the 19th century, for example, fishermen would not say the word while at sea, in South to see a white rabbit in one's village when a person was very ill was regarded as a sure sign that the person was about to die.

Why do we say 'White Rabbits' at the beginning of each month? As I understand it, this expression is used to safeguard the speaker against the consequences of that other traditional slogan "pinch, punch, first of the month". I wasn't aware it was still done. However, it was a common belief among RAF bomber aircrew during WW2 that saying "white rabbits" the VERY FIRST thing upon waking would protect oneself. The courage of these heroes cannot be doubted, yet even they looked to superstition for protection. I have always understood it to derive from an ancient fertility charm for women to invoke pregnancy-seeing as how rabbits are so prolific.

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