why do we need to calibrate a spectrometer

Like with any piece of equipment or machinery,
need maintenance to assure that they continue to work correctly and with a predictably high degree of accuracy. Calibration allows us to set a baseline for the instrument and make sure that the baseline is maintained over time. At Konica Minolta, we perform daily calibration of instruments and also annual calibration. This is the only way to maintain consistent and reliable readings. Our procedure for daily calibration begins by taking two measurements. The black measurement, which is referred to as zero calibration, is performed by using a special attachment for the instrument that absorbs all light. The attachment is referred to as a zero calibration box. The next measurement is with a ceramic byte standard with traceable values. The measurement of the white ceramic standard must always be performed with the standard that was assigned to the instrument.

Each white standard has a serial number that is easy to pair with the correct instrument. The zero calibration and the white calibration readings are used to set the instrument to a known state of calibration. Daily and annual calibration is the process necessary to maintain colorimeters, spectrophotometers and other color measurement instruments. Both calibration measurements in the above process must be current in order to assure the instrument's highest performance. Daily calibration is performed by the customer at their own location and should be done every 8 hours or every shift. Konica Minolta Sensing annual calibration services are performed by certified technicians at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Ramsey, N. J. We also send field engineers to perform instrument calibration on-site for our customers.

There are certain conditions that can affect a color measurement instrument's performance and accuracy and create the need for calibration. Dirt and dust can prevent an instrument from performing optimally. Stains and scratches on the white calibration tile can also cause the instrument to return inaccurate readings. To test the accuracy of the instrument, we use it on 14 color standards certified by Konica Minolta and traceable to national standards. Once we know at what level the instrument is performing, calibration can bring it back so that it performs within factory standards. We recommend annual calibration for every color measurement instrument. Our technicians who perform this service are highly skilled in calibrating instruments as well as in numerous other repair and maintenance tasks on advanced technological devices.

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