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why do we have three branches of government

The executive branch is the most visible branch of the U. S. government. The president, vice president, Cabinet and Executive Office of the President make up the executive branch, and it is their responsibility to enforce the country's laws. The Cabinet includes 15 departments, each overseeing a particular issue for the nation, and the Executive Office of the President is composed of the president's senior staff.

The president, as the head of state, is responsible for appointing the heads of each of the 15 executive departments, signing bills or vetoing them after they have been through Congress, appointing members of the judicial branch, and commanding the armed forces.
This is a social studies/technology project that requires you to research the major responsibilities of each of the three branches of the US government.

After learning about the three branches of government, use inspiration to demonstrate your knowledge and create an informational Web site.

You will need to include and show separation of the three branches of government. You need to include the leaders, responsibilities, and the checks and balances between the branches. It is also suggested that you color code or somehow designate a difference between the branches so your Web site is easy to read.

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why do we have 3 branches of government
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