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why do watermelons have white and black seeds

в If you were asked to draw a watermelon, you'd probably picture a triangular slice of fruit with pink flesh, a green rind, and black seeds. But if you've actually cut into a watermelon recently, you've noticed that there are also white seeds among the black. And more often than not, there are even more
than black ones. So what's the? As Brahna Siegelberg writes in Slate, the comes down to one factor: "Maturity. " White watermelon seeds are simply infertile, underdeveloped seeds, and they occur naturally. According to Siegelberg's reporting, about 5 percent of all seeds in a single, American watermelon are "still immature upon harvest. " These white seeds are also the, whichвas you might've noticedвaren't actually seedless at all. Instead, seedless watermelons are full of these underdeveloped, white seeds, rather than the fully mature black ones.

Part of the reason you're more likely to see these white watermelon seeds in the United States is because of this summer fruit. As Zachary M. Steward reports for Quartz, "the seedless variety comprised 73% of all watermelon imported to the US, mainly from Mexico" in 2012. The good news is that the flesh of, scientifically, as that of more traditional, seed-filled melons. As April Fulton writes for NPR's The Salt, "If you think seedless watermelons taste bland compared to the seeded ones, it's all in your head. " And though these small, white seeds do make eating raw watermelon easier, with fewer choking hazards, these underdeveloped seeds cannot be used in other recipes, like sprouted or roasted watermelon seeds.

So what you're saving in convenience with white watermelon seeds, you're losing in versatility. But hey, at least you don't have to be worried about growing a watermelon inside your belly if you eat them whole. (Though you don't have to worry about that if you eat black watermelon seeds either, for what it's worth. ) I m not trying to start a watermelon farm in my stomach. When I was younger I believed everything I was told. I believed that if you bit your finger nails you would grow a hand in your stomach; I believed that if you swallowed gum it would stick into your stomach forever; and I believed that eating black watermelon seeds would result in growing a massive watermelon in my stomach. Although I no longer spend time picking the seeds out of my watermelon, I never officially debunked that myth.

I am taking you along with me to discover the truth:Pcan you eat black watermelon seeds? So. What's the deal? P Before we get into the logistics, I will answer your burning question:, you cannot grow a watermelon in your stomach. Black watermelon seeds can be plantedPto grow watermelons, but your stomach does not create the proper environment for a watermelon. If you're still a little nervous, chew up the watermelon seed when you eat them. In fact, you might want to chew it! Watermelon seeds are filled with nutrients. P Are watermelon seeds good for you? P,Pwatermelon seeds are low cal and packed with magnesium, iron, folate, and good fats. All of these nutrients are essential for your brain and body.

Basically, watermelon is delicious, nutritious and perfect to enjoyP everyday. What's the difference with black and white seeds? P Interesting you asked, the between black and white watermelon seeds is age. All watermelon seeds start off small and white, but grow to be the larger black seeds we know (and previously feared). There are white-seeded watermelons that are more common in Asia and the Middle East, but the black seeded are more common in the US because it's all about aesthetic. P Watermelon is a perfect summer treat andPI know that I will be incorporating it into all my meals (now that I know I won't be worried about growing one in my stomach). PPlus, it is easily added toP, and even. P Now go forth and enjoy without fear.

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